Posted August 22nd, 2010 by Bill Apter

Q: Once again I watched in amazement on DVR Jay Lethal’s destruction of Ric Flair on TNA iMpact a few weeks ago. I mean even stripping Flair out of his clothes. How embarrassing for a Flair fan like me to watch and I watch it over and over for some reason. I just don’t understand. Shouldn’t Flair retire already?–Frank Stampano, Staten Island, NY

A: I had the same feelings when I saw that happen Frank. I am of the opinion that Ric Flair should retire from active wrestling. He is a great spokesman for TNA and as a “manager” he is fine — there is almostĀ no one better. Flair is a good fit for TNA as, beside being on camera, he doesn’t mind advising the other “boys” to help their careers along.

Seeing him as the manager of “Fortune” and being a force in TNA is where he fits right now. is the place for all your ASK APTER questions and comments

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  1. By Cliff May, posted

    I don’t know Flair or anyone in the business personally. Maybe this is just a gut feeling. Maybe it’s the overall picture I get when I think about Flair’s whole career and how he regards new wrestlers. But it seems like he wanted to put Jay Lethal over to the point of being in the ring and having his clothes stripped off. I was pretty excited for Lethal. How often will that happen for a young wrestler? It won’t happen to many of them and Lethal is one of the lucky ones. I can imagine what Lethal must be thinking when he prepares for his matches now. Probably wanting to give as much as he can after being given so much from Flair.

  2. By Patrick Croak, posted

    Although I am a Flair fan from way back, I must say I was happy with the program he ran with Lethal. First of all Lethal was brilliant in his immitation of Flair. As for Flair getting stripped in the ring? I don’t think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen Flair stripped by opponents, at least partially. Sting did it. Magnum TA did it. Steamboat did it twice. Shoot, Flair even did it to himself on more than one occasion. Looking back on it, I think Flair enjoys taking his clothes off in the ring!

    I agree that he should probably move into a managerial role at this point in his career, but I don’t for one second think this most recent program with Lethal did anything to hurt the legacy of Ric Flair!

  3. By Rob, posted

    Is like manny being manny, Flair being Flair!
    i think he will take his clothes of until he dies!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!
    i sent an email to Jay the other day, here in the D.R. Jack Veneno the Dominican Ric Flair, who back in 1984 Beat flair for the NWA Strap, has a restaurant and he named the Big Steak After Ric Flair.

  4. By Michael James, posted

    Love him or hate him no one can deny Flair is a legend in the industry and to this day continues to bring so much to wrestling. I must agree with Apter with Flair’s history and knowledge his most powerful attribute knowledge and experience, Flair must focus on is management and give the “new” guys the moment in the spotlight we call “the ring”.

  5. By Marc T, posted

    Unfortunately, Flair has fallen into the same pattern as a lot of former wrestling icons. That being that their best days are well past them and, either the pay cheque or the fan ovation, pulls them back into the ring. Terri Funk is a perfect example of this. What makes this even more sad is Ric wresling again after the amazing sendoff he got after his “retirement” match with Sean Michaels. There was no better swansong and I doubt that TNA could do a better job of saying goodbye to Flair then the WWE did.

  6. By Rusty Loudermilk, posted

    I read most of your comments on SHOULD FLAIR RETIRE ALREADY, The answer is Yes. The reality is that the wrestling business is not as it once was. Kayfabe is no more, NWA Crockett is no more, WCW is no more, Bookers are no more, and OLD – SCHOOL WRESTLING is no more.

    I know many personally. Flair is broke financially but kisses butt in the business so no person in the business has the guts to tell him finally that it is over. He needs the money, he needs the fame. Ric will always be one of the greatest of all time. Besides the need for the money, he does not know the difference between RICHARD FLIEHR AND RIC FLAIR.

    Rusty Loudermilk
    Pittsburgh PA.
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