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By Dory Funk, Jr

06/22, 1980 - Tulsa, OK Dory Funk, Jr., Andre The Giant & Brian Blair beat James J. Dillon, The Spoiler & Skandor Akbar.

My friend Dick Murdoch was on the card. It was always fun to be around Dick Murdoch. In the dressing room Dick told me, “You see Skandor over there. Skandor knows everything there is to know about Texas High School Football. Just try him out Dory, go over there and ask him any question about Texas High School Football, Skandor is a walking history book on Texas High School Football.”

I had known Skandor Akbar as the man with the Middle Eastern name, a wrestling heel with a West Texas Accent. I walked across the dressing room and asked some of what I thought would be difficult questions for Skandor.

Who was the leading scorer in the state of Texas who played for the Phillips Blackhawks in 1954? Skandor responded, “His name was Meek, first name Don.”

Who was the All State receiver for Wellington, Texas in 1957? “Jerry Elbert.”

What was my number while playing for the Canyon High School Eagles in 1957? Surprisingly Akbar recalled my high school number, 71.

Okay Skandor, What was the score when Canyon High School lost to the Stamford Indians in Regional Playoffs in Childress, Texas in 1956?  ”I believe Stamford won that game 42 to 13.”

Who played halfback for the Stamford Indians and went on to become an All American in College? “Mike McClellan.”

Who was the All State halfback for the Amarillo Golden Sandstorm When they lost Abilene, Texas in the State Championship in 1957? “David Russel.”

Who played tight end for the State Champion Abilene Eagles in 1957? “Well Dory that was one of your friends at West Texas State University, Jim Perry.”

Who won the Greenbelt Bowl All-star Game in Childress, Texas in 1958? “Dory you played in the game, The North won.”

Who won the Sodbusters, City Slickers All Star Game in Amarillo, Texas in 1958? “You Sodbusters lost to the City Slickers.”

Who was the coach of the Philips Black Hawks in 1954? “Chesty Walker

How many consecutive games did he win while coaching there? “Dory, Chesty Walker set the record in Texas High School Football with 55 in a row.”

I was amazed. All I could say was, “Skandor, You are Awesome!. Skandor was awesome also as a man and a friend in the wrestling business.

Real Name – Jim Wehba.

Thank you, Jim for the good times,

Rest in Peace

My condolences to the family of Jim Wehba / Skandor Akbar

Dory Funk Jr

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