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By Marco Cerino

The WWE Universe roars in Bakersfield, CA as we see what happened after Kane retained the World Heavyweight Champion. The Undertaker appeared and accused Kane of the infamous assault and Kane responded by Tombstoning the Phenom! The show starts with Rey Mysterio, who wasn’t able to beat Kane at Summerslam. He starts by thanking the Universe for their support. Rey is relieved that his name is clear and he didn’t end the night in a casket. Rey is interrupted by Alberto del Rio, who looks like he’s going to the opera. He shares the moment with another Mexican icon. He claims to descend from the Spanish royalty while he suggests Rey is from the streets. He makes fun of Rey in Spanish and calls him “a joke of a man.” Rey makes a joke about the cheap cufflinks Alberto’s rocking and tells him he’s no one. Rey refuses to respect Alberto who calls Rey a little peasant. Rey challenges Alberto to a match and Alberto accepts. Alberto calls Rey a cockroach, so Rey slaps him and lights him up with a 619.


This match is the continuation of the re-match that was interrupted during Summerslam. They tie up and Kofi drives Dolph into the corner, who takes a punch and walks out of the ring. Dolph takes an early edge with a vertical suplex. Kofi fights back but Dolph takes over with a snapmere into a rear chin lock. Vickie grabs Kofi’s boot as he holds the ropes and Dolph drops him over the ropes as we go to break!

As we return, Dolph grapevines the rear chin lock and grounds Kofi. Kofi fights up and the two exchange blows. Dolph hits a running elbow for 2. Matt Striker continues his perverse love affair with Vickie as Dolph hits the flying elbow for 2. Dolph works over Kofi in the corner, getting 2 off the full body drop. Dolph scores the whip but misses the running elbow and Kofi rolls up for 2. Kofi builds momentum and drops Dolph with a Thesz press. Dolph rolls away from the Boom Drop but doesn’t miss the Pele kick. Kofi goes to the top rope but Vickie pushes Kofi off the turnbuckle, prompting the disqualification. Kofi goes crazy on Dolph, knocks him to the floor, and goes after Vickie Guerrero. Vickie distracts Kofi long enough to allow Dolph to recover and attack. Dolph returns Kofi to the ring, hits the Zig Zag, and cinches the sleeper hold. Kofi wins via disqualification but Dolph remains the champion.
We have a Hornswoggle sighting! He’s hiding in a potted plant, spying on the Divas! As Artie Johnson would say, very interesting. Backstage, the SES complains about how Punk walked out on his team at Summerslam. Serena will wrestle for the first time, as she and Luke will faced Big Show and Kelly Kelly. Punk puts the ultimatum on this match: win or you’re out! Punk focuses his gaze on Luke Gallows.

Even in boots, the leggy Kelly only comes up to Show’s armpit. Luke and Show start with Show dropping Luke. Luke tags in Serena who loses the first exchange but blocks the back handspring elbow. Serena earns a 2 count, focusing on Kelly’s back and neck. Serena cinches a rear choke hold but Kelly fights through and hits the Thesz press into the airplane spin head-scissors. Kelly goes for a pin but Luke pulls Kelly off Serena. This draws Show to the outside with Luke. Kelly tries the K2 but Serena blocks and sets up the GTS but hits a gutbuster! Serena gets the win and takes the match! She and Luke get to stay in the SES. Punk watches from the ramp and looks unimpressed.


World Heavyweight Champion Kane is in the ring, laughing with psychotic glee at the trick he pulled. He talks about the 7 deadly sins, Kane’s favorite being pride. He claims pride weakened the Undertaker and allowed Kane to beat him up. Pride forced the Phenom back early and gave Kane the opening to destroy him at Summerslam. We flash back to the first encounter between the brothers, with Kane taking credit for the wins that made the Undertaker a greater legend. Kane found the weakness and was pushed over the edge when Taker unmasked Kane at Summerslam. The unity the brothers shared, that brought them titles and power, gave Kane the opportunity to study his brother and plot his vengeance. Kane finally saw the opening at Wrestlemania XXVI, when Taker showed mercy to Shawn Michaels. When the weakened Undertaker appeared at Summerslam, Kane seized the moment and took his vengeance. Kane now has his time in the spotlight and has relegated his brother to the shadows in which Kane toiled for so long. Kane steals the line from Pulp Fiction and proclaims himself “the Devil’s favorite demon.” Really nice monologue there for Kane, recapping his history with the Phenom, and it makes him look even crazier.


Cody Rhodes come down before the match starts and joins the announcers. Christian takes over with a head-scissors and the two battle outside. Drew fires Christian into the timekeeper’s area. Drew drops Christian arm-first across the exposed steel. Drew tells Christian that he’s gonna snap his arm like he snapped Matt Hardy’s leg. Drew goes to a reverse wrist lock and tortures Christian’s arm as we go to break!

Drew locks in an armbar as we return, torturing the arm. Drew gets 2 and continues to kick away at the shoulder. Drew torques the arm in the corner but Christian retaliates with a flying DDT for 2. Christian unleashes brutal punches and hits the running dropkick. Christian scores the missile dropkick for 2. Drew misses in the corner and takes the pendulum kick. Drew reverses with an attack on the arm for 2. Both men miss their finishers before Drew drops Christian shoulder-first across the turnbuckle. Christian counters with a crucifix roll-up and gets the win! After the match, Cody and Drew gang up on Christian, until Matt Hardy runs in for the save. This doesn’t really work and Matt has hit casted foot further assaulted. (Matt tweeted about the WWE doctors sending him home during the week, so this injury might be legit). Drew hits the Future Shock DDT on Matt while Cody hits the Crossroads on Christian.


Jack complains about how lame a summer he has, when he went from World Heavyweight Champion to dark match at Summerslam. MVP talks to the man who he beat and calls him a world-class complainer. Jack challenges MVP to a match. If Jack wins, he hosts the VIP Lounge. If MVP wins, he throws a “balla” party and Jack picks up the tag.

Kane joins GM Teddy Long backstage. Teddy lets us know that the Undertaker will make his Smackdown return next week! Kane promises next week will be “hell on earth.”


Del Rio comes out in a Rolls Royce and has his own ring announcer (who doesn’t speak a lick of English). Rey comes out to a huge pop. Alberto doesn’t engage Rey at first but opened with a big kick and sends Rey into the corner. Alberto scores a snapmere and kick to the back. Alberto drops Rey with a huge whip but Rey comes back with big kicks. Rey scores the head-scissors take-down and sends him careening to the floor. Alberto collects himself as we go to break!

As we return, Rey and Alberto grapple in the ring, with Alberto scoring an armbreaker over the ropes and smashes Rey’s arm over the ring steps, standing on the arm as the ref counts. Alberto returns Rey to the ring for 2. Alberto goes to an armbar but Rey fights through. Alberto comes back with a side volley to the arm for 2. Alberto climbs the ropes but misses the senton splash onto the arm. Rey hits an enziguri for 2. Rey lands the seated senton and flying crossbody for 2. Rey drops Alberto to set up the 619 but Alberto catches Rey in the ropes. Alberto tried the slingshot but Rey lands on the ropes. Alberto drops Rey on the ropes and locks in a cross-armbreaker. Rey taps almost immediately! Alberto del Rio wins his first match on Smackdown! He goes back to the armbreaker before his ring announcer tells the crowd he won. He walks up the ramp while Rey writhes in pain.

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  1. By Richard, posted

    If Alberto did not win all his lame-o previews would have been for nothing.

    So Alberto has his own special ring announcer, but he does not have someone to drive his car before he gets out???

    Kane and his talk segment worked for me.

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