Posted August 20th, 2010 by Bill Apter

I was a guest at the NWA Legends Fan Fest in Charlotte on August 6, 7, and  early morning August 8.  It was a wonderful time for me and all the wrestling legends of course. Events like this particular one promoted by Greg Price (www.nwalegends.com) not only give the fans a chance to meet their heroes of the past, but it also awards the talent a chance to see each other again.  Many of them had not seen each other in  a span of multi-years.

Looking at their faces when they hugged and reminisced was pricess.  General Akbar was one of those great legends.  His emotions ran from tear happy to overjoyed smiles from ear-to-ear. He was with the “gang,” the extended family of “the boys” from the good old days of pro wrestling.  It brough back the days they shared driving thousands of miles in small cars and  staying in dingy hotels to get to their bookings night-after-night. They were brothers in spirit on the road and how they loved every minute of it.  Together with old friends at the convention they all shared stories from the past. It was great to see this but you knew that each of them  also realized they had aged.

I had many good times with Akbar that weekend, just “chewing the fat” about the old World Class Championship Wrestling days.  They were fond pictures of the past in our minds for sure.

On Sunday August 8 I was about to check out of the hotel which housed the convention and head to the airport.  As I got off the elevator I saw Akbar sitting on a couch with some fans in the lobby.  I stopped of course to say goodbye and what he said to me is something I will never forget.

 ”Bill it was great to see you this weekend,” he smiled as he reached out his hand for a hearty handshake.”  Then he continued. “You know a lot of us old timers are dropping like flies.  I don’t know if we’re ever going to see each other again. You never know who is going to go next.”

I never thought for a moment it would be him.

Rest In Peace my friend. I’m glad you got to hang out the “the boys” one more time.


  1. By fRANK, posted

    Alexander the Great is gone again. Akbar made wrestling fun.

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