Posted August 20th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

TNA iMPACT! drew a .97 rating and ReAction drew a .62 rating based on data compiled by Nielsen Media Research.

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  1. By fRANK, posted

    There’s a reason TNA’s ratings are so low. Sure part of it is the station, but the show is pretty stale. Dixie Carter and her clip clop shoes and soda or coffee clutching were mentioned about 15 times in the first few minutes. What did Dixie think of it, we’re sorry Dixie, there’s Dixie running from Flair, there’s Dixie with RVD at the ambulance… Dixie Carter is not what wrestling fans want to see or hear. Neither is the drunken-nosed Eric Bischoff delivering a plodding monologue. Wow, it was bad.

  2. By mark, posted

    The demise of TNA draws closer and closer. AJ Styles, MCMG, Hernandez,Morgan, and a few others should be very excited by this. The sooner TNA folds the better it will be for them and their careers.

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