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I was working on my schedule to be able to go to Dallas to have dinner with the legendary Skandar Akbar in the next few weeks. I work with someone who knew Akbar very well a man named Vince West. I saw Akbar at NWA Legends Fanfest and confirmed this.

I had only met Akbar a few times at shows over the years and never really spoke with him but I did on this day to confirm that we would be coming down. I took this picture to show Vince and another guy at the company named Paul Ross who was a huge fan that was going to come along with us to meet the hated Skandar Akbar. It’s truly a shame that so many of the WCCW legends are gone.

I am blessed to have worked with so many. I still call Kevin Von Erich friend one of the last few along with Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts. I am glad I got to meet Skandar and saw what a good guy that he was and even better that it was with a guy we both managed at one point James” Kamala” Harris.

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