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In any normal job, if you get injured, you can take time off and come right back to the position you came in and not lose your spot. Wether it be in business, medical, political, or even any other sport, you can be out for any length of time and not be forgotten.
In pro wrestling, the unbreakable rule is that if you are hurt, you wrestle hurt. Some injuries need extended medical care for healing, but if you, for example, twist your ankle, you don’t get to rest until it’s healed. You don’t rest because you don’t want to lose your precious spot on the card.
I have hurt my right ankle so many times it’s hard to keep track of all the injuries on it. One time in particular I was driving up every weekend to Baton Rouge, Louissiana for a weekly show. It was only a 40 minute drive from where I moved to so transportation wasn’t bad. On one memoable show I was to be crowned thier champion. It was in a tag match. Whoever got the pin was the new champion. The match was going fine until I was throen out of the ring. I wasn’t able to fall right and landed on my right foot. My foot twisted and I immediately knew I was hurt. I had to finish the match and I did so by sitting on my butt until the finish.
My foot was hurting so bad I went to the local hospital for a check up. It turns out I had 2 hairline fractures on the outside of my right foot. I was put into a cast and told to stay off it for 3 weeks. I had just started a day job at a car dealership and I worked on commission so I had to limp through my days. I also just became champion and they had 3 shows one week and 2 the next week. I was the champion. I could’t just sit out because i’d lose my spot as the #1 man in the company. I chose to wrestle with a cast on my foot. It was the dumbest thing I have ever done. I was limited as to what I could do but I was the champ and I had to defend my belt.
To make a long story short, I ended up having 3 casts on my foot because my foot wasn’t healing right. To this day, I still have excruciating shooting pain in my right foot. It has had 7 hairline fractures. My foot never healed right because through all my injuries to it, I never missed a match. That league paid me $60 per match. It costs me about $120 per month in medication and a visit every other month to my podiatrist.
Knowing now what I should have known then, my spot wasn’t that important. I wish I’d taken time off when I needed it.


  1. By rob s, posted

    Good article and probably explains why most wrestlers die young getting addicted to pain killers or other drugs. Hey Bill how come tna is changing their wrestling ways to wwe? Bringing in the old ecw guys was a big mistake. Impact was horrible reminded me of ecw wwe version that went banrupt. Through the years of watching wrestling I notice wrestling companies making mistakes that cost them there business. Do not be wwe be yourself. TNA stuck to old school wrestling that brought fans in from the 1980′s. Now its like change the channel. I feel TNA is trying to be a soap opera act like wwe the same mistake wcw made in the 1990′s that lead to there demise. Come on tommy dreamer vs aj styles garbage match no fan wants to watch. Mr. Apter has TNA become the next WCW making mistakes that will lead to a bankupt company. I think they are heading in that direction. Stick to old school 1980 wrestling and you will fill the seats copy wwe and become a soap opera boring show and you will go bankrupt within a year. What do you think Mr. Apter will TNA survive? If they keep this crap on the air I believe they will go bankrupt. What do you think Mr. Apter?
    Mistakes made By TNA: signed high price guys mr. kennedy, jeff hardy, and kurt angle
    to make show better good move bringing in them bad move bringing in washed up talent ecw roster
    changed storylines to wwe soap opera act that no fans want to see.
    show feels out of sequence I felt bored watching TNA Impact changed channel asap felt like wwe writing
    TNA losing young talent like consequensus creed to wwe for again washed up ecw wrestlers who do not belong in the business anymore.
    MICK FOLEY needs to be fired he is the most annoying figure of them all.
    desmond wolf, kurt angle, mr. kennedy, aj styles, and james storm should be main eventing.
    need to break up beer money because robert rhode and james storm are the two best acts in town that know how to get the crowd going. it means more money for tna and would set up new rivalries that would intrigue fans. what do you think?

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