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Recently Low Blow Radio was joined by ECW original Axl Rotten for an awesome interview on the wrestling business today and all its current happenings.  The following are highlights from the interview…
When asked about ECW Axl responded by stating…
“Isn’t it funny how it’s 2010 and we’re talking about ECW?  The company that has literally been disbanded for 10 years.  The wrestling fans just won’t let it die because ECW wasn’t just any wrestling promotion.  I mean the fans were as much apart of what we did anything.  I love my fans and they love me.  It’s the greatest feeling in the world when fans still talk about what we did so many years ago.”
When asked about his thoughts on TNA running Hardcore Justice Axl said…
“I has a great time.  It was a great feeling to see Little Guido lacing up his boots again, Van Dam lacing up his boots and Sabu putting on his turban.  It felt like we were home.  Dixie Carter was very kind.  She was a class act.  She told us we were TNA’s guests and this was our show, very different than out experience with WWE One Night Stand.  The night before we were at the NASCAR Grill in Orlando was awesome too.  It was like I was 8 years old and it was Christmas morning and I still believed in Santa Clause.  That was the look on these people’s faces.  I want them to know it wasn’t just them.  I was just as excited and happy to be there as they were.  This show was for the fans as much as it was for all of us ECW originals.  The fans who used to buy the DVDs, buy the shirts, buy the tickets.  The fans who used to line up in the freezing cold weather on Queens BLVD to get into the Elks Lodge or in Philly at the corner of Swanson and Ritner in the pouring rain and 20 degree weather.  When Tommy called me and asked me to do this there was no way I’d pass it up.  This was paying homage to E the fans.  Paying Homage to ECW.  This was the right way to do it and I loved ever minute of it.  I was a bit apprehensive and nervous initially, but everything turned our alright.  The visual of the Dudleys, Balls and I, as well as the Gangsters in the middle of the ring raising our hands gave me goosebumps.  It felt like we were home.  It felt like ECW.”
When asked about the possibility of TNA bringing back ECW as a brand and to run the EV2.0 vs. Fortune angle Axl has the following to say…
“Isn’t it funny how when the wrestling industry is in a slump and in the toilet they turn to us, the freaks and misfits, as a way out?  I think it would be very smart of TNA to bring back a form of ECW because the fact remains they can put a lot of money in everyone’s pocket’s by doing so.  ECW is a product that people still want to see and WILL pay for.  I hear TNA draws something like 800-1500 people for their house shows.  Those are numbers that ECW could draw standing on their heads.  We would sell out everywhere we would go.”  
When asked if Axl would like to participate in a reformed version of ECW or the EV2.0 vs. Fortune angle Axl said the following…
“I would love to.  I would be the first in line to sign up.”  
Other topics included…
Thoughts on WWE/TNA products
Comparing Hardcore Justice to One Night Stand
And More!
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  1. By Johnny Rotten, posted

    As much as I liked Axl in ECW, he was the worst at Hardcore Justice. He just looked so damn out of it.

  2. By joe cool, posted

    i was trained by axl in maryland and he was and always will be one of the best talents in the business.the man has everything needed to make it big.great in ring ability ,great mic skills, the best in ring psychology.he is hall of fame in my book.

  3. By Cliff May, posted

    As much as some people don’t like Axl Rotten, he was great in Hardcore Justice. He just looked enthusiastic and into it.

    Three claps, raising an arm like saying “here we go!”, right into an arm drag, followed up by a clothesline. If given the chance, he can keep moves coming that will energize a crowd.

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