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What Happened NXT?

Season Two is winding down. There are only five Rookies left. By the end of the show, two of the five will be sent home (at least for the moment). The final five are: Michael McGillicutty, Kaval, “Showtime” Percy Watson, Alex Riley and Husky Harris.

-I want to start tonight’s recap with a special Get Well wish to my mom, Doris, who lives in Amarillo, Texas. Got word from my little sister, Bev, that mom had another stroke and is back in the hospital. While I can’t physically be there, my heart sits beside you.

The show opened with last week’s elimination of Lucky Cannon.

Roll the opening montage.

Jamie Keyes was in the ring to introduce the Rookies. Jamie is a seriously hot blonde. Michael Cole just oozed over Alex Riley. The five men got in the ring with Matt Striker. Striker explained that two men would be going home. NXT Season Two has two weeks left to go, NXT week and the Week After. Striker had all three men talk. Percy Watson talked about 3D (no, not the 23 time tag team champs). He talked about Desire, Determination and Dedication. Percy said he could go after what he wanted and get it. Alex Riley talked about…himself. Riley said he realized that he may have made a mistake with his attitude, all season. Riley said he had been rude to the others. Riley said he didn’t regret calling Striker “A Nerd”. Michael McGillicutty talked about his competition. He trash talked the other four guys. He called Kaval a “chihuahua”. Michael said Riley couldn’t wrestle a lick. Michael is great on the stick. Kaval talked about NXT. Kaval said he had two great hot women behind him. Kaval basically broke into a semi-rap that was all kinds of awful. Kaval actually got Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) mentioned in his rap. Husky Harris talked about cowboy boots. He said he was wearing his uncle, Barry Windham‘s, boots. Harris said the Devil wears cowboy boots. I don’t consider myself a Cowboy…I’m more of a Horseman (smile and nod to Joe).

Striker said the first elimination would happen right away. “Showtime” Percy Watson was eliminated. Watson stopped smiling and thanked all the fans for their support. Watson sent respect to his Pro, MVP. Watson said he would take the time to get better and he would return, somewhere down the road. I really thought this kid would end up in the final three.There would be another elimination, later in the night.

Michael McGillicutty (with Kofi Kingston) v Zack Ryder

The two locked up and Zack spun around Michael. Zack with a shot to the back of the head. When did Zack give up his unique tights/shorts? Michael ran Zack’s shoulder into the corner and then worked over the arm. Zack sent Michael into the ropes. Michael with a Pair of Dropkicks and a La Bandera Clothesline. Michael missed a Baseball Slide and took a hard boot to the chest. They got back in the ring and Zack hit a Corner Running Face Wash with the boot. Michael kicked out of the pin attempt. Zack with the Side Headlock. Michael with a hard boot but Zack responded with a Back Elbow. Michael with weak-looking Running Elbows but his Corner Splash looked sharp. Michael was pounding in the corner until the ref pulled him back. Back Body Drop by Michael. Zack snapped Michael’s neck on the rope and then hit the Rough Ryder Leg Drop to take the win.

Your Winner: Zack Ryder

Grade: B (84%)

Josh and Cole talked about the Rey Mysterio v Kane match. That match actually irritated me. Undertaker showed up but he looked incredibly weak and pathetic as he struggled to crawl out of the coffin. Taker tried to attack Kane but Kane easily dispatched the Phenom.

Speaking of the Dead Man, his new spouse (Michelle McCool) was working with Layla to psych up Kaval. After Kaval left, Michelle questioned Layla as to what the relationship was between her (Layla) and Kaval. Layla tried to blow it off but Michelle wasn’t buying it. Husky Harris walked in and flirted with Michelle. She really dismissed him. Husky said he would destroy Kaval and then Michelle would see him in a new light.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes brought out his protege, Husky Harris. Lay-Cool then brought out their charge, Kaval.

Husky Harris v Kaval

Cole dissed Kaval, saying the Internet made him a star. I believe it was Ring of Honor and TNA, but I might be mistaken. Husky pounded on Kaval and lifted him for a Suplex. Kaval Kneedropped the skull of Husky and then slid into a Standing Octopus Sleeper. Husky made it to the ropes to force the break. Husky blocked an Irish Whip and then delivered one of his own. Husky followed that up by shoving Kaval into the corner, with great force. Husky with a Corner Splash and Hip Toss. Kaval kicked out of the pin. Husky with a Inverted Bear Hug. Kaval with a Rolling Liger Kick to drop Husky. Kaval with Flying Fore-arms to rokc the grizzly like competitor. Kaval with a Springboard Enziguri. Kaval went for his Warrior’s Way but missed. Husky with a modified Uranage. Husky appeared to be going for the Backsplash Senton but stopped short. He lifted Kaval for another Uranage but Kaval spun through the move and nailed a DDT. Kaval with a great Warrior’s Way to take the win.

Your Winner: Kaval

Grade: A- (91%)

Alex Riley was waiting in the ring for an opponent. NXT looked back at the attack on Daniel Bryan from Monday night. Cole, of course, trash talked Daniel Bryan, big time. It’s annoying. Enough already, Cole. Alex had to face Kofi Kingston

Alex Riley v Kofi Kingston

The two locked up and moved to the corner. Kofi with a kick and Irish Whip. Kofi missed a Corner Splash. Riley with a Seated DDT. Riley with a Keylock/Bicep Cutter. Riley pulled the dreadlocks to send Kofi down. Riley went to jump off the ropes, only to eat double boots. Kofi went to town with Double Sledges and a Dropkick. Flying Clothesline into the Boom Drop. Kofi nailed Trouble in Paradise to end the match, rather quickly.

Your Winner: Kofi Kingston

Grade: B- (83%)

NXT looked back at Nexus v Team WWE on Raw. There were six matches. Any Nexus member that lost would be ejected from the rogue group. Darren Young tapped out to John Cena‘s STF. After the match, Nexus annihilated Young.

Matt Striker asked Josh and Cole who should win NXT and who should go home. Michael Cole said Alex Riley should win and Kaval should go home. COle mocked Kaval’s internet popularity and the stare. Josh Mathews actually agreed with Cole’s choice. Josh suggested Alex Riley should win and Kaval should go home. I think maybe the TNA comment was the reason.

WWE re-ran for the umpteenth time the trailer for the new John Cena movie, Legendary.

Matt Striker was ready to send someone home. The eliminated person was…Husky Harris. The crowd both cheered and booed. Cody just couldn’t believe it. Cody suggested that Zack was one step away from being released and Layla was more interested in getting frisky with the Rookies. Cody got in Riley’s face, calling him awful. Cody said Michael wanted to be “Mr. Perfect, Jr.” but didn’t deserve it. Cody and Husky jumped Kaval. MVP and Kofi hit ringside to take on Cody and Husky. Zack got into it with Cody. MVP and Kofi sent Husky into the ring barrier. Kaval hit a Warrior’s Way off the top rope onto Husky…on the floor! Wow! Kaval seemed hurt after the move. Kofi and MVP helped Kaval to his feet. Michelle screeched at Husky for daring to mess with their rookie. Husky stomped towards the back. Cody was livid that Husky was sent home.

Fade to black


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