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After what many fans are calling “a very disappointing” Summerslam, Raw took the main event (Nexus v Team WWE)) and split it into five singles matches and one tag team contest. If any member of Nexus lost their match, they would be booted out of the rogue group. Did anyone get their walking papers? Read on, McDuff…

Roll the opening montage.

Raw was still in Los Angeles for Monday’s show. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talked about how Team WWE just barely beat Nexus. The entire Nexus group walked down to the ring. Wade Barrett had the microphone and didn’t look happy. Wade pulled out the old “That which does not kill us, will only make us stronger” quote (one of my favorites). Wade talked about holding their own against Cena’s team, only losing by the narrowest of margins. Wade said their were consequences to be had for Nexus’ loss. Wade said Nexus was ready to decimate the Raw roster.

John Cena interrupted Wade’s rant. Cena was in his new blue-purple t-shirt. Cena mocked Wade’s accent. He compared Wade to Snooki from Jersey Shore. Cena reminded Wade that Barrett tapped out to end the match. The crowd cut loose with a “You Tapped Out!” Cena told Wade that the Nexus were the Expendables. Cena talked about how great Daniel Bryan was as a member of Team WWE. Cena said Team WWE proved that Nexus is only human. Cena started making fun of the various Nexus members. He really ripped into David Otunga (basically calling him a high-paid male escort). Michael Tarver was “an MMA Bank Robber who moonlighted as an exotic dancer”. Heath Slater was compared to the girl from Wendy’s. Darren Young proved to Cena that his mom had a lusty affair with Buckwheat. Cena questioned Justin Gabriel‘s “Orientation”. Cena really made fun of Skip Sheffield‘s mental level. Cena ripped into Young for giving up in less than a minute. Cena called Young “The Weakest Link”.

Oh, crap. There goes the Mystery G.M. “And I Quote” Ok, I paraphrase. The G.M. set it up where the Nexus members would have to face the Team WWE members. The Nexus members got to choose which Team WWE member they wanted to fight, with one exception. Wade Barrett would have to fight Chris Jericho. Wade said any Nexus member that lost would be removed by the group. David Otunga told Wade to remember that Wade was also eligible to be kicked out.

Wade Barrett v Chris Jericho

Summerslam Recall Match #1

Jericho came out to a decent pop. Jericho jumped Wade and pounded away. RUnning Back Elbow by Jericho off the Irish Whip. Jericho with a Suplex. Nexus watched on, from the back. Wade with a Kneelift but ate a Dropkick. Wade and Jericho went to the floor. Jericho booted Wade in the head and rolled him back in the ring.. Jericho started up the turnbuckles, but Wade Booted him off. Wade the attacked Jericho on the outside. Wade threw Jericho back in and slapped on a Front Face Lock. Power Whip by Wade. Knife Edge Chop and punches from Jericho were countered by Wade. Wade locked Jerihco in a Surfboard.

Wade with a Surfboard. Jericho turned under to escape but ate a Kneelift. Jericho whipped to the corner but rocked Wade with a Missile Dropkick. The two traded blows and Jericho was sent tot he ropes. Jericho Steam Rolled Wade and hit the Running Bulldog. Jericho wanted the Walls of Jericho but Wade countered. Wade picked up Jericho for the Barrett Bounce but Jericho slid down the back and tried, again, to lock in the Walls. He got it cinched in but Wade reached the ropes. Wade with a Big BOot after Jericho turned to argue with the ref. Wade went for a Reverse (Tully) Blanchard Slingshot Suplex by Jericho flipped over. Jericho with the Step-up Enziguri. Jericho wanted the Code Breaker but Wade Power-Countered it into the Barrett Bounce.

Your Winner: Wade Barrett

Grade: A (92%)

Justin Roberts brought out the Guest Hosts. They are from the new film Going the Distance. Honestly, I haven’t heard of any of the three of them. They got in the ring and acted goofy for a few minutes. Yawn. Then they brought out The Hart Dynasty. Natalya looked more beautiful than ever. The Mystery G.M. sent another e-mail. The Hart Dynasty are no longer the Unified Tag Team Champions. They are now the WWE Tag Team Champions. Bret Hart brought out some sweet looking new belts. Bret presented the new bronze and gold belts to the tag champs.

Wade came on the Tron and said Justin Gabriel would face Bret Hart. Gabriel said he wanted Bret to experience the 450 Splash. Fade to commercial.

After thanking Jet for the Summerslam theme song, they sent it to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They showed Vince McMahon‘s star. Cole and Lawler then talked about Daniel Bryan replacing Great Khali at Summerslam. Bryan looked amazing.

Michael Tarver v Daniel Bryan

Summerslam Recall Match #2

Cole, of course, starting dissing Daniel(son) from the word go. Jeez. The two men locked up and moved to the corner. Tarver punched the bibs and Bruan punched and kicked back. There was a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant. Bryan with a Flying Leg Lariat. Bryan with a pair of Over-The Sholder Arm Breakers. Snap Suplex by Bryan. Bryan with vicious kicks to the chest. Tarver reversedan Irish Whip but Bryan scooted between Tarver’s legs. Bryan went to the top rope for a great Missile Dropkick. Kip Up for Bryan (nod to his mentor, Shawn Michaels).

Miz and Alex Riley rushed down to distract Bryan. Tarver with the Roll-up to take the win.

Your Winner: Michael Tarver

Grade: B- (80%)

Miz, Riley and Tarver attacked Bruan after the match. Miz drove Miz into the banged-up Money in the Bank briefcase. (Well, at least that case is good for something. Heaven knows, MIz had the perfect chance to cash in, on Sunday, and didn’t).

Raw ran the trailer, again, for the new John Cena movie, Legendary. Since it’s only $5 to go to the movies in the afternoons, I think I might end up watching it while my grandsons are in school (spend my evenings helping “my boys” with their homework).

Miz and Alex Riley walked backstage. Josh Mathews wanted Miz to explain his actions. Miz went on a “feeling sorry for myself” rant about how Daniel Bryan got more attention than him. I expect Daniel Bryan to challenge for the U.S. Title at the next PPV. Miz pushed Alex Riley. RIley said Bryan was a boring nerd. Riley showed major respect to his pro, MIz.

Elsewhere, Nexus talked. Darren Young stepped up and said he wanted John Cena. Young was ready to take out Cena for the beating he took, last month. The Nexus pumped Young up for his courage. Justin Gabriel walked out to face Bret Hart in the Hour TUrner match. Raw went to break before the match.

Justin Gabriel v Bret Hart

Before the match could start, the Mystery G.M. sent another e-mail. The G.M. talked about how much he disliked Bret Hart. He said Bret would not fight on the show. The G.M. said Bret would not battle on Raw, ever again. The G.M. made a substitution….

Justin Gabriel v Randy Orton

Summerslam Recall Match #3 — kinda

The crowd exploded for The Viper. My wife still doesn’t like the guy but he’s growing on me. I still think he works better as a heel. Orton stalked the South African. Justin shoved Orton who locked up na dmoved Justin to the corner. Justin with a sharp kick to the leg after Orton missed a punch. Orton grinned at his foe. Justin with the Side Leadlock. Justin with the RVD Roll after being pushhed off. Justin with hicks. Orton kicked Justin and sent him to the ropes. Justin slid under Orotn and tried for another kick. Orton caught the leg and stared deadly into Justin’s eyes. Short-arm Clothesline and Snap Powerslam. Rope-Assisted DDT on Justin. Orton went inot Full Viper Mode.

Sheamus rushed down to the ring. Sheamus and Orton fought out into the crowd. Orton ignored the count and pounded away on Sheamus. The ref reached 10. Orton was counted out. What?

Your Winner: Justin Gabriel

Grade: D (65%) — horrible ending

Orton got back in the ring and hit the R-K-O on Justin. He left the ring and took a steel chair to Sheamus, over and over again. Orton started to leave but changed his mind. He rushed around and hit an R-K-O on Sheamus, on the floor. The Miz then…didn’t show up. Two absolutely perfect opportunities to cash in and Miz passes? Really? So, has anyone explained how Money in the Bank works to Miz. Apparently not. Good grief. I talked over this situation with three of my closest buddies (Joe, Lee and Sal). All three were in agreement that Miz really missed the boat. I really think that when Miz finally DOES decide to cash in, he’s going to break the streak of title changes.

Skip Sheffield and David Otunga v John Morrison and R-Truth

Summerslam Recall Match #4

After all the entrances, the four men got down to the business at hand. David and John started teh battle. John worked over David’s arm and hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Truth took the tag and dropped David. SKip made the save. Skip demanded the tag. THe big Texan missed with a Clothesline and Truth pounded away. Skip picked up Truth for a monster Poserslam. Skip; so reminds me of Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli/RelliK. Skip took Truth to the corner and Shouldered him. Otunga took the tag. Truth hit an Inverted Russian Leg Sweep.

Morrison took the tag and hit a Dropkick on Otunga, after punching SKip. Skiip made a blind tag and hit Truth. Skip wound up his arm for the Longhorn Lariat!

Your Winners: Skip Sheffield and David Otunga

Grade: B+ (88%)

Melina, Eve and Gail Kim walked backstage. They would be part of a six-Diva tag match, next.

Melina, Eve Torres and Gail Kim v Alicia Fox, Maryse and Jillian Hall

Six Diva Tag Team Match

Raw showed how Lay-Cool attacked Melina after she won the Divas title.

Jon Lovitz was sitting ringside. Matyse and Gail got into a shoving match. Gail with a Drop Toe HOld and then slammed Maryse’s face into the mat, several times. Gail with a Crossbody off the Irish Whip. Gail locked Maruse in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Melina took the tag and hit a Flying Knee on Maryse. Maryse got free and ran Melina into the heel corner. Alicia took the tag and did a Northern Lights Suplex fo a two. Alicia drove the knee into Melina’s back and pulled back on the chin. Melina with the Jawbreaker.

Eve and Jillian both tagged in. Eve with a decent Dropkick. Scoop Slam by Eve into a Backsplash Flipping Senton. The match broke down into total chaos. IN all the confusion. Jillian withanIrish WHip. Eve with a weak Enziguri off the ropes. Eve climbed up the turnbuckles, only to have Jillian Powerbomb her for the surprise win.

Your Winners: Jillian Hall, Maryse and Alicia Fox

Grade: C+ (78%)

Alicia Fox and Maryse seemed to have some issues, after the match, but Raw cut it short.

Josh Mathews talked with Edge, backstage. Josh asked Edge how it felt to beat Nexus. As he started to discuss it, Heath Slater walked up and asked Edge to take the night off and give him the win by forfeit. Edge insulted Heath and started to walk off. Heath jumped Edge from behind. Edge had a look at severe anger on his face as Raw took a break.

Heath Slater v Edge

Summerslam Recall Match #5

Edge looked irate as he slowly walked to the ring. Edge went after Heath with a viciousness that hasn’t been seen in awhile. Edge stomped away and Power Whipped Heath to the corner. Edge stomped and punched away. Edge with an Irish Whip into a Clotheslien. Edge started to go up top but Heath cuaght him. Heath Dropkicked Edge to the outside and then san him into the barrier. Heath rolled Edge into the ring and tried for a pin. WHen he didn’t get itHeath slape don a Seated Abdominable Stretch with a Bicep Cutter.

Heath Bodyslammed Ege and then stomped away. Heath with a sharp right hand to the face. Running Back Elbow off the Irish Whip by Heath. Ege started punching back but Heth got in a kick. Heath with an Irish Whip but missed a Corner Splash. Edge came off the ropes with a Flying Fore-arm. Edge with a Clothesline and his Inverted Cutter. Heath sent Edge to the ropes but dropped his head. Edge kicked him in the jaw and then bounced off the ropes. Heath with the Flapjack on Edge. Edge reversed an Irish Whip and hit a Flying Shoulder in the corner. Heath rolled out to the floor. Edge missed a Baseball Slide. Heath missed a Clotheslien. Edge with a Big Boot. Edge went for the Spear but Heath slid into the ring. The ref reached 10 and Edge was counted out. Are you kidding me?

Your Winner (by count-out): Heath Slater

Grade: B (83%) — it would have been higher, if not for the lousy ending.

After the match, Edge Speared Heath into the middle of next week!

IN the back, Great Khali talked about his girlfriend in India. Ranjin Singh showed off the picture of the girl. The Guest Hosts looked at the picture. THey started to make fun of the girl. Ranjin walked off. They realized that Khali understood English even if he couldn’t speak it. Khali said the girl was butt ugly. Khali brought in The Bellas to flirt with.

Cole sent it to the Summerslam Recall, which looked at the entire week-end’s events. The stars did several charity appearances, including a stop at a library. As a retired English teacher, it’s great to see reading get such a push. They also did work for MDA. My highest compliments to the WWE for all their good work.

The WWE Rewind showed how Cena destroyed Darren Young, backin July. Cena annihilated the fuzzy-headed grappler.

Darrin Young v John Cena

Summerslam Recall Match #6

The Nexus crew walked out onto the stage to watch the match. There was a loud “Buh’Wheat” chant. Young with a Roll-up that amused Cena. Young with a Backslide for a one count. Cena started working on the arm and then took Young over with a SIde Headlock Takeover. Young rolled over to try and pin Cena. Young with a Side Headlock. Cena pushed Young off, Leap Frogged and then took Young back down with the Side HEadlock.

Young with a Legdrop and Clothesline. Young with a SUplex and tried to get the pin. Cena kicke dout. Knee Smash to the face by Young. Young and Cena punched each other. Young reversed an Irish Whip, kicked Cena in the ribs and hit a Spinning Neckbreaker. Young with a Rear Chin Lock. Cena powered out of the move and kicked and punched away. Irish Whip by Cena but Young nailed a Back Elbow. Legdrop by Young. Young wasted too much time waiting for Cena to get to hisfeet. Young with a Northern LIghts Bridging Suplex. Young showed frustration when Cena kicked out. Young threw Cena out of the ring.

Young went out after Cena and staked Cena. Young pounced Cena into the steel steps. Young then backed up and Dropkicked the steps into Cena’s skull. Young slid in the ring and waited for the count-out victory. Cena slid in between 9 and 10. Young couldn’t believe it. Young missed a Legdrop. Cena punched away on the upstart. Cena went into his Vintage Double Shoulders into the Proto-Bomb into the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment. Young countered the move but Cena was able to lock in the STF to take the submission win.

Your Winner: John Cena

Grade: A- (91%)

The other six members of Nexus walked down to the ring. They gave Cena an exit route. The six remaining members attacked and beat the daylights out of Darren Young. It was a complete and total mugging. SKip with his Longhorn Lariat. Wade with the Barrett Bounce. Justin went up for the 450 Splash. Justin paused a long time but finally delivered the move. Justin didn’t look like he wanted to do the damage. Nexus started to leave but came back in. Nexus stood in defiance of the rest of the WWE Universe.


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