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This is Sal LaSardo, Jr. and welcome to the after math of SummerSlam. Is Team WWE united or will NEXUS take a stand?

The whole show involved NEXUS vs Team WWE in a series of matches to prove who is stronger, united and more importantly who will take a stand. There was no doubt in anyone’s minds that NEXUS would have at least 1 member eliminated and that was going to be at the end of the show. Funny, Wade Barrett was taking on Jericho as opposed to a re-match against Cena. After all, Wade tapped out at Summerslam.

The bright spot to this whole edition of RAW was the beating Randy Orton dished out on Sheamus after getting counted out. The viper turned into a King Cobra with his relentless attack on Sheamus, on one RKO after another. The crowd was going crazy and asked for more. Orton has become the ultimate fan favorite. There is no question about who the fans came to see last night at the Staples Center.

It also baffled me that two of the NEXUS wins came by count out. EDGE and Orton get counted out and NEXUS is happy? A count out is not a win in my book, a pin-fall or submission is a victory. So, in my eyes NEXUS has two more losses because they could not win a match other than by a referee counting to 10, That would have been a huge stipulation added to the mix, and NEXUS would have lost 2 more members for not pinning or submitting their opponents, thus leaving them in turmoil.

In any event we are left with a NEXUS member being taken out in the main event, as if Cena didn’t lose at SummerSlam why would he lose tonight? There was no doubt that someone was taking the fall and weakest member was eliminated and as Anne Robinson once said from Weakest Link Game Show, “You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye!”

I am happy that WWE realized they have a major problem in the tag team division and therefore decided to unite the tag belts and have one title. The HARTS are champs and those belts Brett brought out are very nice. The Harts can now go back and forth between SmackDown and Raw and defend the belts as opposed to having two separate brand champions. Now, if the WWE can just get some people together and see if there is any competition for those belts.

I would suggest, EDGE/Jericho, MIZ/Dibiase, Hardy/Christian, Regal/McIntyre, and maybe Bourne/Morrison or even Rey/Chavo. The rosters are just so depleted and guys like Randy Orton are going for the World Title not the tag belts so there is not many guys capable or willing at present to do both. Good job uniting the belts and having one champion.

I do expect the women’s belt will be unified as well by Night of Champions. I think there isn’t any enough conditioned female wrestlers to have a split title between two brands and now you can unify these belts too. The IC and US belts can be left separately because you have single guys wrestling and its almost like a television belt between two brands. So, I do not believe any argument keeping the belts separate. As far as the Heavyweight Championship, this belt is not getting unified right now because Taker is going to be Champion and you need him to have his final curtain call of a run. I assume Randy Orton is going to dethrone Sheamus and you will Randy holding the coveted prize too. These two guys can basically have their way with their respective brands as there is competition for now facing both these guys over the course next 6 months or so. There is no chance these two will face off against each other for the unification of this belt because the winner of the Royal Rumble gets a title shot at Wrestlemania. So, that still leaves me to believe we are destined for HHH vs Taker, in one title match and Cena vs Orton in the other match for next year’s Wrestlemania. There is no argument here on my part because this is the best combination for the double main event and no one will be disappointed. Hopefully, by this time Cena turns heel, which I am sure 90,000 plus fans booing him would be price of admission alone and of course, HHH wanting to be the one to end Taker’s streak and become World Champion would be ideal at that point. HHH has not held the belt in a long time and I would not have a problem with it at this point since Taker is probably going to retire and this would be his best opponent for a grand sendoff.

Overall, the show was 1.5 stars out 5, as the only bright spots were Orton’s vicious attack, and Brett unifying the belts with a brand new one. The wrestling was not worthy in my eyes, especially if guys like Orton and Edge have to be counted out for a NEXUS victory. NEXUS’ beat-down on one of their was nothing new and expected, but if Wade Barrett, their best couldn’t beat Cena then why would you expect anyone else to win? If NEXUS was united then they would have raised their friends hand and stood united together and shown they are family and not just about winning matches but beating their opponents.

Before, I close it is not too early to talk about the WWE Hall of Fame as we head into the fall, now is the time to start making a case for who we like to see inducted into next year’s HOF. Tonight, I like to give the first of my 5 picks for the coveted HOF and appreciate your feedback, if you agree or disagree with me.

The WWE has never recognized a writer/journalist per say who actually spent more time off camera as opposed to be on camera. I like to vote for 1wrestling.com, own Bill Apter for the WWE HOF. This man has been around forever in the world of professional wrestling and has done everything a true writer and journalist could possibly do. He has interviewed everyone from Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Hulk Hogan, Don Muraco, Mr.Wrestling and so forth. How many journalists can you say interviewed anyone and everyone from every major wrestling promotion? Bruno Sammartino is the toughest to get interviewed and Bill Apter is able to get the Living Legend on microphone to talk to us fans. That tells me just how amazing Mr. Apter is and what he means to the world of sports entertainment. No one ever has said a negative comment about this man and the timeless efforts he puts in to deliver the best in wrestling reporting. When Bob Ryder and Joey Styles created this site they thought of the fans first that allowed for us to express our views in an open forum about something we all care about. When they added Bill Apter to the mix, the cream rose to the top as they added the missing link needed to have something special happen here at 1wrestling.com. It is because of people like Apter and Ryder that we are are the brink of major happenings here at 1wrestling.com today and we owe them our deepest gratitude for making it all possible. Even though Joey Styles is no longer writing here 1wrestling.com we would not be where we are without him. Joey as you know is a vital part of the WWE team now. These three men are/were the trifecta of sports writing and we the fans turned into a superfecta of epic proportions. Apter, also gave myself an opportunity to become a regular writer, along with Jay Shannon, an exceptional writer too, to express our views in hopes that maybe someday TNA or the WWE would recognize our accomplishments and maybe offer us employment. Apter gave me a canvas and I am painting on it, thank you sir. I think we all owe Apter a great deal of thanks and gratitude and the best way we can thank him, is by pushing the WWE for his vote into next year’s WWE HOF, It is long overdue, and sir, you have my top vote, thank you. (Just remember me in your induction speech).

This has been Sal LaSardo, Jr for Rough Cuts, may all of your matches be a main event. Your feedback is greatly appreciated to slasardojr@yahoo.com

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