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This is Salvatore LaSardo, Jr and welcome to the 3rd major of the year Summer Slam. Tonight live from Hollywood would we have a story book ending to the latest drama surrounding our beloved WWE grapplers or we are in for meltdowns.

Surprisingly Dolph Ziggler and Kofi put on a nice match. Kofi seemed very irate and sold his hatred towards the IC. Dolph put on a nice showcase of moves as he is improving as a grappler. Vicki in the corner added to the drama too. Did you notice Vicki’s necklace? It said, “Cougar”. OH MY GOD!!! Nexus came in and ruined a solid opening match and to me left an empty feeling and a wonder is this what we are in for the remainder of the night?

No surprise Big Show winning his match against Straight Edge Society, a well-timed choke slam was all that was needed to end this massacre. I was surprised the match last as long as it did and I am glad Nexus did not interfere. Show took some nice bumps and dished out some solid attack on his own. CM Punk leaving his team, leads me to believe Show vs Punk on RAW maybe a follow-up, or even a fall-out among the members going against Punk.

I am glad Melina won her match, but in a way feel sorry for Alicia Fox as I like to seen this feud go a little longer. It was only a matter of time before Melina was going to win anyways and she deserved it from her long road back. She is well liked by the fans and is a real crowd favorite. LayCool coming out leads us to the next PPV. There is no competition among the women and this is about where are headed. The WWE needs Lita, Mickie, Beth Phoenix (where is she?) and Victoria? I would like to see the WWE capitalize on the recent article of Madusa done on the Where are they now section of the WWE website. Why not a fatal a four way between Madusa, LayCool and Melina to crown an undisputed champion. There is no reason for more than one woman’s champion to defend between both RAW and Smack-down. This match gives closure to Madusa since she never lost the belt in the first place and a potential exciting match featuring the four best women the WWE currently has. Also, it gives a chance for LayCool to go after each other, if either of them lose the belt or one becomes undisputed champion. The other follow-up would be Melina and Madusa teaming up one time as well against LayCool.

Well, fans, in case you missed it Taker is back. He is alive and well. Rey and Kane disappointed me because I expected a better match. Kane winning is fine as I said Rey is not a World Champion, more of an IC type of guy or even tag team. He should team with Chavo if they want to keep it in the family. The Harts vs the Guerrero’s? The match needed more pop and to me it was kinda of stale because these two put on better matches before. Rey just did not give me his best match and thought Kane was fighting it throughout. Taker comes back was all expected but being taken out like this without a fight just did not feel right. They are both headed to Hell in a Cell for the title and Taker will be Champion that is for sure.

What happened to Randy Orton? Is he in the dog house? Sheamus gets Dq’s on a major PPV event. To me nothing has changed in the world of sports entertainment in the 40 yrs of watching wrestling we still have DQ’s in title matches. Why? The WWE is still pondering if Randy Orton is truly the go to guy? Well, he is the guy you want as champion, he is better than John Cena and the crowd tells you they want him to reign. Sheamus getting DQ’d like this left me a sour feeling in stomach because it tells me he can’t beat Randy plain and simple. The WWE dropped the ball here and speaking of ball dropping, someone tell me, if the MIZ is so AWESOME as he claims to be, then why did he not capitalize on Sheamus being taken out by an RKO on the table by Orton and cashing in his MITB and become champion? If your that AWESOME MIZ then you need to be paying attention and cashing in and become champion at SummerSlam, thanks to Randy Orton. That would have set up a triple threat match possible between these three. This was just bad finish and even worse for the MIZ not seizing the opportunity.

After weeks and weeks of the NEXUS we are bound to a main event. This was Survivor Series match plain and simple. I have to admit this was not a bad match if it was Survivor Series but this was Summer Slam and all of the fans were expecting drama, twists and turns and something bizarre. Well, we got a match that showed a lot of tension on the WWE roster. EDGE and Jericho did not want any part of this after awhile and got taken out. Johnny Morrison going out after a nice battle early, R-Truth a so-so fight. Brett Hart gets DQ’d. I will admit Brett looks good in the ring and be nice to see him wrestle more, not sure if he is healthy enough. I was not for the 7th man, I expected a surprise. I was thinking HHH was coming but Stephanie did not have the baby, so why not Ricky Steamboat comes back? How about Arn Anderson, one time. I wanted a surprise and I was not surprised in any way Daniel from all I hear has a solid future in wrestling and that maybe true but I paid to see someone else and no disrespect to an upcoming grappler. The match did go back and forth, pins and submissions and thoroughly entertaining to a degree. However, this was anti-climatic because you can’t sell me that John Cena can take a DDT to the concrete and come back that fast and beat two NEXUS guys so quickly. He is not Superman.

The WWE thinks John Cena is a modern day Hulk Hogan and that is far from true. Hulk Hogan sold out arena’s all across the country, John Cena does not. It’s guys like Randy Orton, HHH, Taker, Shawn Michaels and even EDGE that sell out arena’s. Hulk Hogan was immortal with Hulkamania because of guys like Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, Andre The Giant, Randy Savage and the years of Bobby Heanan trying to take down Hulkamania. That is what made Hulk Hogan and Mania run wild, the guys that wanted to beat him so bad you had no choice but to root for the HULK. John Cena is not that type of guy, and the fans let you know it. Hulk never got booed, John does get booed more often than not. I believe the WWE thinks this will make John more invincible and in turn it did not.

What did we learn from last night? Well, in my eyes, Melina is going to be Champion and perhaps undisputed Champion. However, I think she is turning heel again and taking Johnny Morrison with her as John seems to be swaggering. There is a lot of tension on the WWE side and expect this to parlay over for awhile. Nexus will regroup and continue the beatdowns for revenge over the loss. If Vince would listen to me one-time, Survivor Series you do WarGames with NEXUS against Team WWE. The War to settle the score, and I guarantee the WWE will have an increase of 15%-20% or more in revenue from this match alone. At that time you can finally turn John Cena heel and start a new chapter as well as bring an exciting match to life. As I mentioned before, Taker and Kane is bound for Hell in a Cell, book it. Taker will be Champion and I believe this will be the final run culminating at WrestleMania next year. My prediction Taker vs HHH, to avenge the retirement of Shawn Michaels where Taker loses the title and the streak and thus ending a hall of fame career. Randy Orton will he become champion? After last night I am left wondering will he? I am hoping the WWE realizes you have a star and you need to capitalize on him. I believe he can take the company to the next level and beyond. He has the given ability and talent, to be a Ric Flair type Champion but more lethal.

Overall, 2.5 stars out of 5. Not bad of a show, but not great, mediocre. Some nice spots, some drops, and bad finishes. If you were expecting a Survivor Series quality match then you got what you asked for. I expected a lot more from a hyped match, and more from the under-card but it was watchable like RAW and Smack Down but not a PPV.

This has been Sal LaSardo, Jr for Rough Cuts. May all your matches be a main event. Your feedback is greatly appreciated to slasardojr@yahoo.com. Thank you fans for your emails as I do my best to reply to all of you. Keep em coming. See you after RAW.

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