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Summerslam Pre-Show

The show came live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This was the 23rd annual of the gerat show. The Pre-show was hosted Scott and Jack. Scott is new to Pre-shows but he is great. His voice works so well.

They began the show by talking about Sheamus and Randy Orton. Randy won his first World title, five years ago, at Summerslam. THey sent it to a video highlight package of “The Viper” and the “Pale Destroyer”.

From there, they talked about Rey Mysterio v Kane and Nexus v Team WWE. They ran a video package of the Backstory of what brought Rey and Kane together to feud. Kane accuses Rey of attacking his “brother”, The Undertaker.

WWE showed Big Show unmasking C.M. Punk and Joey Mercury. Show then battled Luke Gallows. The entire Straight-Edge-Society attacked SHow, during the match. THey injured Show’s right hand when Punk stomped it into the steel steps, over and over. Serena then drove her high heeled boots into Show’s hand. Show passed out from the pain. Now, Show will face all three male members of the S-E-S.

The hosts talked about the whole Undertaker mystery. This led to a recap of Rey v Kane. Kane feels that Rey attacked Taker. Rey turned the tables and accused Kane of attacking his brother. The identity of the true attacker MIGHT be revealed tonight. Kane swears that he will stuff Rey into a casket after destroying the Littlest Big Man.

Scott and Jack looked at the chaos caused by Nexus. Nexus ran rampant over Raw, until John Cena enlisted a half-dozen current and future Hall of Famers to help aid him. Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho, Great Khali, John Morrison and R-Truth were the originally enlisted members. Edge and Jericho quit and then came back. Khali was injured, at the hands of Nexus. It is very doubtful that he will be able to go in the match. His replacement might be The Miz. There are a couple other big names being tossed around as the 7th member. Both men have been recovering from injuries. Who will it be? Stay tuned…

Grab a fresh soda (or whatever your beverage of choice), some popcorn and let’s get ready for some great action…


–Jay Shannon


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