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Backstage, Kane talked about seeking vengeance on Rey Mysterio. Sheamus walked in and confronted the Big Red Machine. Sheamus wanted to borrow the casket for Randy Orton. Kane refused. Sheamus said that they could have been dominant as a team. Sheamus said that he is now “The Real Big Red Machine”. Kane appreciated Sheamus’ guts, which would be spilled out if he ever interrupted Kane, again.

The Miz made a surprise appearance. He had his MOney in the Bank briefcase with him. The announcers pondered Miz’s methods. Miz grabbed the stick and addressed the Californians. Miz wondered if he should join Team WWE or not. He asked the crowd. The crowd didn’t want him to. Miz said he was the missing piece to the puzzle. Miz claimed that John Cena got down on his knees to beg him to be a part of Team WWE. Miz said Bret Hart called Miz the true “Excellence of Execution” and the “Best there is, was and would be”. Miz said he was the Shawn Michaels to John Morrison‘s Marty Jannetty. Miz talked about how all the others begged him to join them. Miz said he was the only hope of the WWE. Miz said he was the future of the WWE. Miz then made “the big decision”. Miz got a shot in on LaBron James and the Lakers (cheap heat alert).Miz thought about joining Team WWE and took a long time to announce his decision…”Yes”. Miz said he would lead the team to victory. Miz pulled a Mr. Anderson-like Catch Phrase grumble with the audience. The Rock did it so much better.

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