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WWE ran the first of the “Smackdown on SyFy” promo. Then they went to a highlight reel of Summerslam AXXess.

Nexus walked in the back. WWE looked back at the events leading up to the 7-on-7 match.

Nexus v Team WWE

7-on-7 Tag Team Elimination Match

Nexus came out first. No big surprise there. All seven men entered to awit their opponents. John Cena‘s music rang out. Dnea walked out in a new t-shirt. Bright orange had been replaced by a more sedate bluish-purple. Cena waited at the end of the ramp for his partners. Edge then joined the fray.He stood next to Cena as Striker ran down Edge’s Summerslam history. R-Truth was next to arrive. Chris Jericho was the fourth man to walk the aisle. Wade Barrett screamed at Jericho. John Morrison came down fifth. John has almost a full beard now. Bret Hart then came out to the second biggest pop of the night, so far (behind Undertaker). Who would round out the team? Miz started to come out but Cena stopped him. Cena said Miz was way too late for the party. Cena said he couldn’t wait for Miz to make his decision. They went out and found their 7th member, which was not Miz. The person hates Nexus the most…Daniel Bryan! Are you kidding me?

The fight was on. Nexus hit the floor and had a hissy fit. Striker called him by his “American Dragon” nickname. Michael Cole had a serious kaniption fit. Nexus talked strategy. Daniel Bryan started against Darrin Young. Young pounded away. Daniel with a Kneelift and martial arts kicks. Young reversed an Irish WHip and slapped on the Guillotine into the Crippler Crossface…Young taps out.

Darrin Young is eliminated.

Justin Gabriel and Chris Jericho taged in . Suplex gu Jericho. R-Truth with the tag. Jumping Leg Lariat but R-Truth. Suplex Stunner by R-Truth. Justin barely kicked out. What a move. Gabriel with a Jumping SPin Kick. Michael Tarver tagged in and punched away. Power WHip by Tarver. Truth got the boots up. Morrison got the tag and kicke Tarver in the jaw. Morrison ran Tarver into the turnbuckle. He hit the Chuck Kick and Starship Pain.

Michael Tarver is eliminated.

Nexus hit the floor to talk strategy. Skip Sheffield took the next spot in the ring. Skip and Morrison locked up and Skip threw Skip across the ring. Skip powered Morrison down and Morrison showed frustration. Morrison slapped Skip in the face and then punched awau. Powerslam by Skip. Skip stomped away at Morrison. Morrison slithered tothe corner. Power Whip by Skip. Skip worked over Morrison’s back. The crowd called for Bret. Suplex by Skip. Skip looked a lot like Rellik/Johnny the Bull in this match. Skip hit another Suplex but oculdn’t get the pin. Morriosn started to fight back. Gabriel with a cheap kick tothe back of Morrison’s head. Clotheesline by Skip.

John Morrison is eliminated.

R-Truth hit a thunder Clothesline on R-Truth.

R-Truth is eliminated.

Jericho took the fight ot Skip. Skip with a Gorila Press Slam. Skip tagged out to Wade Barrett. Wade attacked his former Mentor and then tagged out to David Otunga Otunga with a Front Face Lock and Scoop Slam. Wade tagged back in. Eade stomped Jerichoand locked in a Surfboard. Jerihco fought out of the move by twisting under. Wade wth a Irish WHip. Missilve Dropkick by Jericho. Bret and Heath SLater tagged in. Bret pounded away on Heath with a furor that I haven’t seen in over a decade. Bret ran Heath’s face across the top rope. Bret with a hard punch off the Irish Whip. Scoop Slam by Bret and Elbow Drop. Inverted Atomic Drop and straight right ot Heath’s face. Bret called for the Sharpshooter. a chair was slid in the ring. SKip mad eht tag and bBret blasted him with it. Bret was disqualified.

Bret Hart is eliminated, due to disqualification.

Jericho wth a COde Breaker on Skip. Edge took the tag and set for the Spear. Edge psuched himself up. SPEAR!

Skip Sheffield is eliminated.

Edge with a Big Boot on Justin Gabriel. Ege pounded away on Gabriel. Edge with a Flying Shoulder in the corner. Power WHip bu Edge but he ate a Bak Elbow. Flapjack by Edge. Justin with the RVD Roll and a Rolling Leg Lariat. Heath Slater took the tag and stomped away. Heath choked Edge on the ropes. Wade kicked Edge in the face. Edge was sent to the floor. Edge inched to the ring apron. Heath pulled Edge in and punched away. Wade tagged in and pounded Edge’s head and back. Headbutt by Wade. Wade choked Edge Gabriel sneaked over and stood on Edge’s throat. Wade rammed Edge into the corner and then hit a Side Backbreaker off the Irish WHip. Edge still kicked out at two. Wade with the Rear Chin Lock. Edge with a Rolling Kick to the face. Both men were down. Edge wanted the Impaler but Wade countered into a SPinning Neckbreaker. Otunga wanted Edge and tagged in. Otunga wanted his Uranage Backbreaker but Edge turned it into the Impaler.

Jericho taged in and knocked odwn Otunga with a pair of Houlder Blockes. Running Bulldog by Jericho into the Lionsault. Jericho was getting major chers. Jericho slapped on the Walls of Jericho. Otunga tapped out.

David Otunga tappedout.

Jericho took Heath Later to the outside and ran him into announce table. Jericho with a Flying Elbow off the ropes. Jericho crashed into Cena and in the confusion, Heath hit the Humping Neckbreaker on Jerihoc.

Chris Jericho has been eliminated.

Edge and Cena argued. Heath slipped up and rolled up Edge.

Edge has been eliminated.

After the elimination, Edge and Jerihoc attacked Cena. Jericho slapped Cena’s back. Daniel Bryan came over to check on Cena. Heath taunted Daniel. Cena was roleld into the ring. Heath stomped Cena and kicked and punched away. Wade took the cheap shot. Wade tagged back in. Wade punched the ribs as Cole whine about Daniel Bryan, nt Miz, being in the match. Wade pounded away on Cena and Power Whipped him tothe corner. Wade kicked Cena in the back as Cena bounced off the ropes. Daniel wanted the tag. Cean started to fight back but ran into a Clothesline. Gabriel made the tag and kikced Cena in the face. Front Face Lock by Gabriel into an attempt at the Crippler Crossface. Gabriel chanted it into an Arm Breaekr. Cena lifted Gabriel for the Attitude Adjustment, only to end up in a DDT by Gabriel. Gabirel with a Big Boot and a tag for Wade.

Wade punched away as the crowd chanted for Cena. Striker told Lawler and Cole to quit arguing. Wade with a Side Slam off the Whip. Danuek wanted the tag but Heath prevented it. Daniel rallied the trops. Heath stomped Cena and punched away. Irish Whip buHeath but Cena came out quickly. Double Clothesline. Cena crawled towards his corner but Heath stoed him. Deaiel got the tag and hit a RUnning Big Boot to Heath. German SUplex and Runnning Dropkick. Huge kicks by Daniel. Slider Clothesline into a Tope Con HIlo onto Slater. Daniel with a sweet Missile Dropkick. Daniel slappe dont he Cripple Crossface on Heath.

Heath Slater is eliminated.

Daniel called for another victim. Miz slid in the ring and clocked Daniel Bryan with the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Wade took the pin, since the ref didn’t see anything.

Daniel Bryan is eliminated.

Wade rushed over and rolled Cena into the ring. Wade stomped and punched Cena before tagging out to Gabriel. Gabriel witha Crossbody in the corner. Gabriel wsted a ton of time. He missed and Cena did nis Vintage Double Shouders into the Proto-bomb. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena had Gabriel up for the AA. Blind tag by Barrett. Barrett punched away and then tagged back out. DOuble team stomp. Wade and Gabriel tagged back and forth to keep Cena off his game. Wade stood over the weakened Cena. Big Boot by Wade. Cena ended up going out to the floor. Wade went out to get Cena. Gabriel rolled the protective mats back. Wade sent Bagriel back into the ring. Wade witha DDT on the floor. Wade rolled Wade back intothe ring. Gabriel tagged back and went for the 450 Splash. He missed. Cena pinned Gabriel.

Justin Gabriel was eliminated.

Cena slapped on the STF. Wade Barrett tapped out!

Your WInner: John Cena for Team WWE

Grade: A+ (98%)

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