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Orton got back in the ring and kicked the chair out of the ring.

Sheamus was down and out. Sheamus was announced as the WWE Champ. Sheamus looked to have a concussion, just from the look in hi8s dazed eyes. THe trainer and ref helped him to his feet. There was a “We Want Miz” chant. Sheamus refused help.

WWE went to a promo for the new John Cenamovie. I’ve heard serious Oscar talk as Best Supporting Actor for Cena. I’m dead serious. I will likely go down to the great little theater in downtown Fallon to see Legendary.

MIz apparently passed on Sheamus. Bad booking. Rey Mysterio v Kane was next. WWE ran a promo video of what got us to this point.

Rey Mysterio v Kane

World Title Match

Rey came out first. He was in black and orange. He looked like Pequeno Halloween from Lucha Libre USA. Michael Cole felt Rey might have attacked Undertaker. Striker and Lawler blew off Cole’s ramblings. The fire exploded, next, as Kane wheeled out the casket. Is the casket empty? Hmm…. Kane opened it to reveal…no one.

Both men were introduced to the crowd. Rey kicked Kane’s leg but Knae pounded away and Power Whipped Rey tot he corner. Kane caught Rey and Body SLammed him. Rey dodged a Elbow Drop and hit a Dropkick. Kane pounded away on the much smaller man. Rey slid under Kane and Dropkicked the knee. Kane avoided the 6.1.9. and pitched Rey tot he outside. Rey teased Kane to get him out of the ring. Rey with a Dropkick on Kane and Dropped the Dime, on the arena floor.

Goozle by Kane but Rey pulled the arm down over the top rope. Rey jumped up on the top rope but Kane swept the leg. Rey naded hard. Kane threw Rey into the ring post, back first. Kane lifted Rey and carried him ot the ring post. Kane slammed Rey’s back into the post, twice, Kane got back int hte ring and dropped Rey over the top rope. Kane with a Big Boot. Ray tumbled to the outside. Kane rolled the challenger back in the irng and got a two count. Power Whip by Kane. 2 count.

Bear Hug by the champion. Rey blasted Kane’s ear to get free. Rey came off the ropes and ended up back in a Bear Hug. Kane screamed for Rey to give up. Rey trid for a Sunset Flip but Kane countered. Rey re-countered with a Dropkick into a Tilt-a-Whirl Hurancanrana. Kane avoided the 6.1.9. and nailed a huge Clothesline. Rey ended up on the floor, grabbing at his knee. Rey inched his way back towards the ring. Rey wanted a Springboard move but Kane booted him back to the floor. Kane went out to attack Rey, only to get Drop Toe Holded into the barrier. Rey with a Flying Headbutt off the top rope when they got back in the ring.

Kane with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. SIde Slam Backbreaker by Kane. Kane arched Rey over the knee, adding more pressure to the hold. Kane told Rey he would make him hurt worse. He demanded that Rey quit. Rey kneed outbut ended up in a SIde Slam. Rey barely kicked out. Kane went to the top rope but Rey attacked him. Rey climbed up and tried for hte Hurancanrana. Kane blocke dthe move but missed the Kane Klothesline. Kane tweaked his knee. Rey with a Tilt-a-Whirl Slop Drop. Rey saw the coffin and got away quickly. Rey Dropped the DIme. Kane got Rey up for the Tombstone but Rey converted it into the Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. Rey Dropped the Dime, yet again. Rey with a Yazuka Kick to the side of the head. Rey went up to the top rope. Kane with an Uppercut on the fly. Rey still kicked out.

Kane saw the coffin and walked over to it. He lifted it…still empty. Kane with the Goozle. Rey went for the 6.1.9. but aaaKane threw Rey into the coffin. Rey with a Springboard Dropkick. Kane with a Goozle. Rey with a Headscissors into the 6.1.9. Rey thought about the Benoit Diving Headbutt but countered. Knae with the Chokeslam to retain the title.

Your Winner: Kane

Grade: A (95%)

After the match, Kane took the microphone. He told Rey that he was going to make Rey pay with “eternal suffering” and darkness. Kane turned to the casket. Kane walked over and lifted the lid. It was still empty. Big boo from the crowd. Rey tried to fight back but ended up getting Chokeslammed, twice. Kane with a Tombstone on Rey. Kane dragged Rey over to the once-again closed casket…UNDERTAKER!!

Undertaker got up from the casket and entered the ring. Huge explosion from the crowd. Kane looked as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers. Undertaker went over to check on Rey. Taker asked Rey if he had heard of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Undertaker actually asked Rey why he attacked him. Taker said he believed Rey, then Goozled him. Taker stopped as Kane grinned. Taker made the throat slice move and then turned to face Kane. Kane shook his head no. Taker Goozled his baby brother. Kane Goozled Taker, back. Kane pulled Taker’s hand free and then hit a Tombstone on Undertaker! Kane called for his crimson fire. Undertaker was laid out in the center of the ring.

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