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Sheamus v Randy Orton

WWE Title Match

Before the battle, the WWE ran a promo video about both men.

The Ruby Renegade, Sheamus, walked out wearing his title belt. Sheamus brandished his title belt to the L.A. crowd. My wife hates this guy. She’s not a huge fan of Orton, either. There was a long pause before Orton arrived. Orton was looking for his 7th title run. His first happened 5 years ago, at Summerslam.

Striker said 11 out of 18 times that the WWE title has been defended at Summerslam, it changed hands. Would this make it an even dozen? Or maybe…unlucky 13? Orton got a huge pop from the crowd. Sheamus was belted with a chorus of boos. If anyone gets involved, they are suspended, indefinitely. If Orton loses, he goes tot he back of the pack.

THe two men stalked each other. They locked up and made it to the corner. Sheamus taunted Orton and they locked up again. The ref broke them apart in the corner. Sheamus taunted, again, only to get punched and stomped. Sheamus came back with punches and kicks of his own. Irish Whip by Sheamus that ended up getting the Irishman on his back after an Orton Clothesline. Partial Orton Stomp on the champ. Short-arm Clothesline b Orton. Orton sent Sheamus to the otuside. Orton ran Sheamus into the announce desk. Orton with a La Bandera Clothesline to sned SHeamus into the crowd. The ref was ocunting both men. Orton pitched Sheamus back over the ramp and rolled Sheamus back in the ring, at 9. Orton stomped Sheamus with the full-on Orton stomp.

Orton with a Slingshot up into the bottom rope. They ended up on the floor. Sheamus reversed a whip to send Orton into the steel steps. Sheamus got in the ring and pounded away. Sheamus tried for a pin and then pulled back on Orton’s neck. Sheamus with a Kneelift and a Suplex, which was blocked. Orton hit a Suplex of his own. Orton kicked Sheamus’ chest and choked him on the ropes. Orton wanted to Rope-ssisted DDt but Sheamus countered it and flipped Orton up nad over the ropes. Orton landed hard on the arena floor.

Sheamus went out and attacked Orton. Sheamus drove Orton into the ring barrier, twice. Orton’s eyes were unfocused. Sheamus roleld Orton into the ring, but only got a two count. Sheamus wited for Orton to get to his feet and then nailed a Double Sledge. Brutal Crossfaces by Sheamus. Sheamus with an Arm Breaker/Crossface. Orton punched his way free. SHeamus with a Drop Toe Hold to send Orton into the middle turnbuckle. Sheamus with a Inverted DDT-like Neck/Backbreaker. It looked like he was locking in a Dragon SLeeper. Orton kicked back but Sheamus hit another Celtic Hammer (Double Sledge). Sheamus went back to the Arm Breaker/Crossface.

Orton got to his feet and hit a Belly to Back Suplex to break free. Orton couldn’t follow up as he was exhausted. Orton got to the corner. Sheamus missed a Corner Splash and Orton hit the Twisted Sister Backbreaker. Orton punched away. SHeamus responded with punches of his own. The punches drew sing0song cheers/boos. Orton with a European Uppercut. Snap Powerslam by Orton. Orton “HUlked UP”. Sheamus reversed an Irish WHip and Sheamus ended up hitting the corner post. Orton with a Superplex (tribute to his dad?) and got a two count. Sheamus reversed an Irish WHip but ate a boot. Sheamus with the Uranage Backbreaker, for a two plus.

Sheamus waited for Orton to get up. Sheamus missed the Brogue Kick, but missed. Sheamus clitched his knee. Orton waited and then naileed the Rope-Assisted DDT on Sheamus. Orton went into full Viper Mode. Orton went for the R-K-O but only partially hit it. Sheamus blocked most of it and Orton hit his head, hard. Sheamus picked up Orton for the Irish Curse (Razor’s Edge). Orton slipped free and went for the R-K-O. Sheamus pushed out and hit the Brogue Kick. Orton, somehow, kicked out. Sheamus went out and got a steel chair. The ref tried to take it away and Sheamus threw Orton out of the ring. The ref called for the D.Q.

Your Winner: Randy Orton (by DQ)

Grade: A (96%)

Sheamus had the chair ready to hit Orton. Sheamus missed. Orton with a nasty Low Blow kick to the groin. Orton picked up the steel chair and stared at Sheamus. Orton dropped the chair and rolled Sheamus out of the ring. Randy dismantled the top of the announce table. Orton threw Sheamus onto the desk. Orton slithered up and smiled. Orton hit the R-K-O. The table, believe it or not, didn’t break.

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