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After a promo for NIght of Champions, they showed Trace Adkins and Marlon Wayans and several other celebrities.

The WWE showed Big Show pulling the mask off the clean-shaven dome of C.M. Punk. Then the video showed the Straight Edge Society trying to break Show’s hand. Supposedly, Show has torn ligaments and broken bones in the hand.

Big Show v Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk, Joseph Mercury and Luke Gallows)

Three-on-One Handicap Match

Punk was wearing a “I Broke Big Show’s Hand” T-Shirt. Striker said it was a tribute to Greg Valentine, who wore a similar shirt after he broke Wahoo McDaniel‘s leg, years ago. Show had his right hand heavily taped.

Show demanded that his hand be untaped. The hand was not injured, at all. Punk looked concerned. Mercury rushed SHow and got dropped. Luke then went after SHow and took an Open Hand SLap. Punk, who had a lot of new ink, called his boys in to talk. Luke and Mercury double teamed Show, who took the advantage. He pitched Luke out of the ring and Headbutted Mercury. Show Basketballed Mercury and then tossed him onto Luke, on the outside. Show called for Punk.

Serena tried to distract Show but it didn’t work. Punk rolled out of the ring after an Open Hand Slap. Punk went to the throat and tried to injure the hand. Show tripped PUnk but missed the slap. SHow struck the steel steps. Luke and Mercury joined PUnk for a Triple Team. They focused, mostly,on the bad right hand of Show. The ref allowed a lot of leeway in this one. Punk attacked the hand. All three men took turns pounding away on Show. Luke with a Big Splash. Punk with a Legdrop. All three men stomped away on the Giant. They moved SHow to the corner. The S-E-Sers took turns with assisted Irish WHip Spashes. SHow fought back and Back Splashed both Mercury and LUke at the same time. Goozle on Punk but Punk hit a Crescent Kick. Show missed a Corner Splash. Punk with repeated Elevator Knees. Mercury and Punk worked together to hit a Double Bulldog. Punk attacked the hand of Big Show after Show pitched Mercury out of the ring. SHow lifted Punk up on his back . Mercury got Goozled. Punk got sent over the ropes. Show dropped Luke and then Chokeslammed Mercury onto Luke. Serena had taken Punk to the back.

Your Winner: Big Show

Grade: B+ (87%)

Show stared at the cowardly Punk and Serena.

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