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In the back, Chris Jericho begged The Miz to join their team to face off against Nexus. Edge gnawed on a Slim Jim and told Miz to “seize the opportunity”. Jericho said this match could elevate Miz to the level of Legend. Miz appreciated the offer and he wasn’t sure if he wanted to risk it all to face Nexus.

The Divas title was up for grabs, next. Alicia Fox sauntered to the ring. She was gorgeous in cocoa and blue. Melina then returned home to go after the Divas title. Melina walked the red carpet in a Native American outfit. She reminds me of the Princess out of Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie.

Alicia Fox v Melina

Divas Championship Match


The two women stared each other down and Melina grinned evilly at Fox. The two locked up and went to the ropes. The ref forced a break. They locke up again and Fox took a Ide Headlock and used it to flip Melina to the mat. Melina moved Fox to the ropes and Fox shoved Melina. Melian with a Sliding Heel Trip and a Leg Grapevine and Face Drop. Melina trapped Fox in the ropes and dropped hte knees on the ribs. Fox feigned being injured. Melina wasn’t buying it. Fox tried to attack Melina, only to get Flapjacked. Melina with a Float OVer on the reversed Irish Whip. Melina seemed to reinjure her knee. Melina refused to five up. Melina with the Matrix and a Thrust Kick. Melina stepped on the apron and got pulle dinto the ring post.

Fox with a Crescent Kick to the face. Back in the ring, Fox worked over Melina’s arm. Fox rocused on the arm and shoulder, instead of the injured knee. Fox with the Irish WHip. Melina with a Spin Kick. Roll-Through Roll-up bu Melina for a two. Fore-arm Smashes by Melina. Fox shoved Melina who cut loose with the Primal Scream and threw her body into Fox. Melina with her Power Plant Face Driver to take the Divas title.

Your WInner and New Divas Champion: Melina

Grade: B (83%)

Matt Striker was in the ring to interview the new champ, when Lay-Cool came out to mock Melina. They got in the ring after talking about defeating all the Smackdown Divas. Melina shoved both Layla and Michelle. SHe attacked both women. She beat the dalights out of them, until Layla grabbed the ankle and Michelle hit a Superkick. Alicia came in and was tossed to the outside. Melina hit the floor, too. Lay-Cool mocked Melina and then Michelle used a Running Knee to sent Melina’s head into the announce table.

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