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Hot on the heels of the very successful Hard Core Justice PPV, TNA presented “The Whole F’n Show”. It was jam packed with action. Three titles were on the line and at least one changed owners. Plus, brutality reigned supreme in one of the most shocking finishes in recent history.

Forget the opening montage, let’s get straight to the action. Kurt Angle came up from the depths to continue his climb up the rankings. He faced off against the TNA TV Champ, A.J. Styles, in a non-title match. (so much for defending, each and every week).

Kurt Angle v A.J. Styles

Non-Title Match

Styles jumped Angle jsut before the bell and pitched him out of the ring. Styles kicked away and then threw fists to the side of Angle’s head. Styles slid in and out of the ring. Angle dropped Styles iwth a Release Belly to Belly. Kurt rolled Styles back in the ring. Styles with a Kneelift. Angle with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Styles went to the eyes and thrw Kurt into the steel ringpost. Styles with a Slingshot Double Sledge Plancha. Styles with a Knife Edge chop and sent Kurt back into the ring. Kurt started puncheing back. Kurt with a Release German Suplex but Styles landed on his feet. Styles missed a Knife Edge Chop but connected with a Sky High Dropkick.

Styles went tot he Rear Chin Lock after a failed pin attempt. Kurt with a Hell Trip but Styles kicked Kurt in the face. Kurt with a In-Tight Belly to Back Suplex that landed Styles on his head. Kurt with Running Back Elbows but took a boot to the face. Kurt iwth a Release Over-Head Belly to Belly. Kurt ducked a wild punch an d nailed the Hat Trick (Triple Germans). Styles still kicked out. Kurt wanted the Angle Lock but Styles kicked free. Kurt flipped Styles onto the apron but A.J. went to the eyes. Styles with the Springboard Flying Elbow Smash. Kurt barely kicked out. Styles called for the Styles Clash but Kurt reversed it into the Back Body Drp. Styles countered an Angle Slam into the Pele. Kurt still kicked out. Styles couldn’t believe it.

Styles went to the top rope but had to abandon his plans when Kurt rushed the corner. Kurt hit a spectacular Moonsault Crossbody to send Styles down. Kurrt went for the Angle Lock but Styles rolled forward to sling Kurt into the corner. Styles went for antoher Springboard move but Kurt knocked him off the ropes. Kurt then tried for a Suplex from the outside in but Styles blocked it. Styles recovered from a partially botched rope move to hit an Inverted DDT on Angle. Kurt kicked out just inches before losing his career. Styles was really frustrated with Brian Hebner. Kurt surprised Styles with an Angle Slam. Styles managed to survive the pin attempt. Styles went for a Mule Kick Low Blow but Kurt caught the foot and cinched in the Angle Lock. Styles tapped in seconds.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle

Grade: A (94%)

Jeremy Borash introduced the championette and challenger. Angelina Love came out first in bright turquoise and black. Madison Rayne then arrived in hot pink and black.

Angelina Love v Madison Rayne

TNA Knockout Singles Title Match

Rayne hid behind the ref to throw Love off her game. Rayne jumped Love and pounded away. Rayne missed a lame Cltoheslien and Love took over. Rayne with a hard Irish Whip but ate a boot. Rayne sent Love into the ropes and then slammed her head down to the mat. rayne with a Front Face Lock with Kneelifts into a Neckbreaker. Rayne with the Push-up Face Plants. Mike Tenay mentioned that Lacey Von Erich suffered a broken cheek bone in last week’s melee, backstage. She’ll be out for a few weeks.

Rayne screeched at the ref, which gave Love time to recover. Love with a modified Inside Cutter/Jawbreaker. Love ducked a Clothesline and tossed Rayne down to the canvas. Love witha Flying Clothesline. Love with the Pump Kick. Motorcycle Mama rode out to ringside in her over-sized helmet. The crowd started chanting “Tara” (not that I’m saying that’s who’s under all that shiny black leather). By the way, what ever happened to Rosie? She showed up and suddenly disappeared. Maybe she will start working the West Coast shows for BTW, PWD, All-Pro and some of the others out here.

MM was blith-whapped, from behind, by B<>Velvet Sky. She hit her with a chair and then took off the helmet. Underneath, MM was wearing a mask. MM kicked Sky in the face and ran off. In the ring, Sky went for her Rayne of Terror finisher but Love reversed the move into the Implant DDT to become the new Knockout champion.

Your Winner (and New Knockout Singles Champ): Angelina Love

Grade: B- (82%)

Mr. Anderson came out and broke out the “A” word (and I’m not talking Anderson). He got the crowd revved up and into his intro. That man can major league work a crowd.. He is, in my humble opinion, the best in the business, today, on the stick. After having some fun with the crowd he headed to the ring for the Triple Threat match. Matt Morgan and D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero were already in the ring.

Matt Morgan v D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero v Mr. Anderson

Triple Threat Match

Taz announced that TNA was going to New York to work the world-famous Hammerstein Ballroom. I agree with my fellow 1Wrestling.com colleague, Sal LaSardo, that the Hammerstein would have been a much better setting for Hard Core Justice than Orlando. Don’t get me wrong, HCJ was a really top-notch show.

Back to the action. Pope and Anderson double teamed Morgan. They mvoed Morgan tot he corner and Dinero boxed the snot out of Morgan. Anderson set Morgan’s legs over the middle ropes and then Dropkicked the inner thigh of the Blueprint. Pope with a Leg Sweep Clothesline on Morgan. Anderson and Pope both tried to make pins but they kept pulling each other off. The rejoined forces when Morgan grabbed a Double Goozle. They kicked away but Morgan hit a Double Clothesline Morgan missed the Big Boot and ended up straddling the top rope. Anderson kicked the ropes up into Morgan’s “Yam Bag Region” (Taz’s term). Pope accidentally Back Elbowed Anderson and then went to the middle rope. Pope with a Dropkick that sent Morgan tumbling to the floor.

Anderson and pope traded fists.Pope came off the ropes and Anerson hit the Thesz Press. Morgan took a breather on the outside. Anderson with a Fireman’s Carry but Pope slipped free. Pope with a Goldustin Uppercut to rock the Green Bay native. Pope dropped the knee pads for a Code Breaker but Anderson blocked it. Anderson planted Pope with the Mic Check but Morgan rushed back into the ring to make the save. Morgan knocked Anderson out of the ring and took the easy pin on Pope.

Your Winner: Matt Morgan

Grade: B (84%)

Jeff Hardy came out for his open challenge match. A lot of internet rumors were swirling that the mystery opponent was Shelton Benjamin. Anyone expecting him ended up a bit disappointed. The true mystery opponent was…Shannon Moore. Shannon was wearing a Vampires Suck T-shirt. Moore said “Win, lose or draw, we’re leaving here brothers”.

Jeff Hardy v Shannon Moore

Open Challenge Match

Tenay and Taz promo’d Vampire Suck (new sponsor?) The two locked up and Jeff shoved Moore away. Moore worked over Jeff’s arm. Jeff reveresed it. Moore reversed the Arm Bar back. Jeff setn Moore tot he ropes. Moore ran over Jeff. The two exchanged Arm Drags. The crowd loved it. the two hooked up and went to the ropes. Moore with Whoulder Thrusts and kicks. Moore with an irish Whip. Hardy Floated Over. Moore wanted a Dragon Screw Leg Whip but Jeff spun under and Mule Kicked him. Jeff charged at Moore but Moore moved and Jeff went to the outside. Moore with a Flipping Plancha over the ropes.

Moore rolled Jeff back in the ring and went for the Moonsault Crossbody. Moore with a Snap suplex. Mooe slowed it down with a Rear Chin Lock. Jeff powered out but Moore hit a Kneelift. Jeff reversed an irish Whip but Moore went for a Sunset Flip tot he outside. When Jeff held on to the ropes, Moore changed gears and pulled Jeff off the apron. Moore was flipped up and hit hit a Head Scissores Take-over. Moore rolled Jeff into the ring. Moore went back to the rear Chin Lock. Moore was really dominant, at theis point. Jeff started coming back with Forearm Shots. Jeff with Whisper in the WInd for a two. Jeff with the Twist of Fate but he didn’t take the pin. Jeff went to the top for the Swanton but Moore got hte knees up.

Moore Suplexed Jeff onto the top rope. Moore tried for the Hurancanrana but Jeff blocked it and pushed Morre off the ropes. Jeff Hardy nailed the Swanton to take the win.

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy

Grade: A (94%)

The Hour Turner segment was the finals of the Best of Five Series for the Tag Team Championship. Beer Money (Robert Roode and James Storm) came out first. Mike Tenay sent it to a replay video of the past four matches that led to this final encounter. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) then came out to defend their title.

Beer Money v Motor City Machine Guns

2 out of 3 Falls match for the Tag Team Title

Storm and Sabin kicked off the match. The crowd was electric for this one. Storm worked over Savin’s arm. Storm used the hair to send Sabin down. Sabin sent Storm tot he ropes but got Steam Rolled. Sabin and Storm took turns trying to pin each other. Roode and Shelley came in to battle. The crowd busted loose with a “Shelley” chant. Roode moved Shelley to the corner. The two exchanged fists and Knife Edge Chops. Shelley ran down Roode and hit a Elbow Drop. Roode wanted a kick but Shelley caught the foot and hit a lightning quick Back Sweep to drop Roode onto his back. Shelley came off the ropes with a Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. Shelley witha Knife Edge Chp. Roode responded with a Tilt-a-Whirl Bacbreaker. Standing Switch but Sabin made the tag. The Guns double teamed both members of Beer Money as the Impact Zoners nearly deafened the poor sound tech with their “Motor City” chant.

Storm tagged in and pounded away. Beer Money double teamed Sabin, sending him to the floor. Beer Money tried for a fake tag switch but the refwasn’t having any part of it. Storm pounded away in the corner nad then officially tagged Roode in. Beer Mone showed that they knew how to double team too. Sabin punched away but Roode reversed an Irish Whip. Sabin Floated Over but seemed to tweak his kne on the landing. Roode grabbed Sabin’s leg to prevent the tag, only to have Sabin catch him with an Enziguri. The crowd said it all with their “This is Awesome!” chant. Both men were down. Shelley made the tag and took out down both members of Beer Money. Beer Money tried for the Slingshot DDT combo but Shelley hit a Fore-arm shot on Storm. Shelley grabbed both Roode and Storm and Sabin hit a Missile Dropkick to Power Drive DDT both challengers. Wow. 1-2-no! Storm was sent to the apron. Sabin with a Leg Sweep. Shelley with a Warrior’s Way Double Foot Stomp. Storm tumbled to the arena floor, as did Shelley. Roode with a Big Boot. Shelley with an RVD Roll that led to Sabin Springoard Dropkick. The Guns hit Stereo Crossbodies on Beer Money. Good Grief! Roode was rolled into the ring. Sabin and Storm fought on the apron. Storm iwth a DDT on the apron. Shelley went to the top rope and Roode tried to attack. Shelley pushed Roode off and tried for a full Warrior’s Way off the top. Rppde rp;;ed pit fptje away. Roode with a Gut Buster. Storm with the Back Stabber. Beer Moeny with the DWI.

Fall One goes to Beer Money.

Now my late grandfather and great-uncle, at this point, would be certain that Beer Money would lose the next fall but come back to win the third. Let’s see if their normal prediction holds true, this time.

Roode stomped on Shelley and tried for the quick pin. Shelley kicked out. Storm tagged in and kicked away.Beer Money with the Double Snap Suplex. They did their Beer Money dance/chant. Sabin made the unseen tag and hit a Missile Dropkick that took down both members. Shelley with a Sandwiched Enziguris. Sabin tagged out but put Roode in a Neckbreaker so Shelley could hit the Top Rope Crossbody.

Fall Two goes to the Motor City Machine Guns

Well, the Shannon Brothers are on the mark, so far.

All four men looked exausted. Sabin went to the apron Bur Roode tripped him and Sabin landed hard. Roode elevated Storm over the ropes and on to Sabin. Shelley with a hard ifst. roode reversed an Irish Whip but Shelley went through the ropes on the spring back and drove Storm into the barrier. Roode hit a Corkscrew Plancha. TNA took a quick break.

Things were still hot and heavy as the show returned. Roode with a brutal Sbin got laid out with an Inside Out Clothesline. Shelley attacked Roode but it ended up in a Uranage Side Slam with an assist to Storm. Roode ran Shelley intot he corner and punched and kicked away. Storm made the tag and Double Whipped Shelley into the corner. Shelley was set on the top rope and popped. Storm climbed to the top rope but Shelley fought back. Shelley locke Storm in the Sullivan Tree of Woe and hit he Warrior’s Way. Sabin and Roode both tagged in Sabin with Flying Fore-arms to rock Roode. Roode reverssed an Irish Whip but got caught with a Hurancanrana. Sabin Dropkicked Storm off the apron. Sabin kicked Roode and hit a Springboard DDT for a two plus. Roode made it to his corner. Beer Money double teaed Sabin Sabin Booted Roode and then did a Standing Switch with Storm Sabin held onto Storm, while delivering a Step-up Enziguri to Roode. Shelley rushed in and they hit a wicked Elevated Neckbreaker on Storm. 1-2-not quite yet.

The Funs with Superkicks on Storm. Storm answered with one of his own. Roode with the Anderson/Double R Spinebuster on Sabin. Sabin sent into the Slingshot DDt. Shelley wanted Sliced Bread #2 but got caught in a nasty Cutter/Gut Buster combo. Beer Money wanted to end things with another DWI but they stumbled. Shelley kicked free. Storm accidntally Superkicked Roode. The Guns then hit their own Superkicks on Storm. The Guns hit the Pulling the Trigger finisher (The Neckbreaker/Crossbody) Storm kicked out, somehow. The Pulled the Trigger a second time to take the third and final fall.

Well, Cots and Crick weren’t Always right

Your Winners and Still TNA World Tag Team Champions: Cris Sabin and Alex Shelley, The Motor City Machine Guns

Grade: A+ (99%)

In the long list of great tag teams, The Guns and Beer Money have both earned their spot alongside the likes of Team 3D, The Road Warriors, Rock and Roll Express, New Age Outlaws, Midnight Express and a handful of other excellent teams. Gentlemen, you four are a credit to this business and are the catalysts that could breath life back into the dying art of tag team wrestling.

From one title match to another. Eric Bischoff came out to serve as the special guest ref. Abyss then made his way out for this odd match. Janice, the nail-studded 2×4, was suspended above the ring. This was a Stairway to Janice mach. First one to get the board could use it. Put the kiddies to bed, this was going to get ugly. Definitely a TV-MA moment. Rob Van Dam then showed up to defend his title. RVD had the belt slung over his shoulder.

Abyss v RVD

“Stairway to Janice” World title match (Special Guest Ref — Eric Bischoff)

Abyss started up the ladder while RVD was still walking down the ramp. RVD ran to the ring and hit a One-Legged Dropkick to send the ladder out from under Abyss. Rvd climbed the corner and punched away, a couple times. RVD with the Spin-Through Spin Kick. RVD got the ladder and ran it into Abyss’ ribs. RVD with a kick. RVD picked up the ladder and ran it into Abyss, again. RVD dropped the laddera nd hit a Runnign Spin Kick into a Bulldog onto the ladder. RVD called for Rolling Thunder but Abyss moved and RVD crashed into the ladder. Abyss picked up the ladder and RVD Dropkicked it into him. TNA went to break.

Abyss bridged the ring and barrier with the ladder. Abyss Goozled RVD but RVD fought back with a vicious kick. Abyss Clotheslined RVd bc into the ring. Abyss picked up a second ladder and ran it into RVD. Abyss taunted RVd and the crowd. Abyss ran the ladder into RVD, again. Abyss set the ladder on top of RVd as Dixie Carter looked on. Rbd sent the ladder into Abyss and then used it to Bum Rush Abyss into the corner. RVD then ran up the ladder to Dropkick Abyss in the face. RVD took a rough landing. RVD positioned Abyss on the ladder and hit a Standing Moonsault. RVD with the Rolling Monkey Flip but Abyss blocked it and Powerbombed the cahmp. Abyss got the ladder and set it up. Abyss started to climb the ladder but it was slow going. RVd climbed up the other side and the two fought on top of the ladder. RVD with a Headbutt. Abyss with a Chokeslam. Abyss lost his balance and fell off the ladder.

Abyss went to the outside and found some barbed wire and hit black bag o’ doom. inside the bag was…thumbtacks AND glass shards. usually it’s oneo r the other. Abyss Suplexed RVD onto the top rope. Abyss climbed up for a Superplex but RVD blocked it. RVD fought bck and Abyss wobbled. RVD with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb that drove Abuss into the glass and tacks. Ouch. Abyss came back with a Big Boot. Abyss went outside and got the barbed wire laced board. Abyss threw it into the ring. This is what he used to defeat Tommy Dreamer. RVd set it into the corner. Abyss tried for an Irish Whip but RVd hit the brakes. Abyss charged and ended up in the board. RVD with a Dropkick to further entangled Abyss. RVD with Rolling Thunder, landing on the non-barbed wire side. RVD started up the ladder to get Janice. RVd almost had the board but Abyss pushed the ladder over. RVD took a horrible fall, striking the ladder. Dixie and Terry Taylor watched in horror. Abyss went up and got ahold of Janice. He couldn’t get it loose, at first. he finally got the board and an evil grin crossed his face. Abyss went out to get RVD. RVd was holding his arm. Abyss punched away and then went to get Janice.

Janice pointed at RVD but misssed with the blow. Janice got stuck in the turnbuckle. RVD went out and got a chair. RVD with the nasty chair shot into a Van Daminator. Abyss ended up landing on the barbed wire board. RVD set the barbed wire board across Abyss and took a chair with him to hit the Van Terminator (Coast to Coast). Both men looked totally spent. Five Star Frog Splash!

Your Winner and Still TNA World Champ: Rob Van Dam

Grade: A+ (97%)

Tenay and Taz talked about how great the show has been. They pushed the new show Reaction which follows Impact.

Hulk Hogan walkd form the back to deliver the big surprise. RVD was on top of the ladder with his World title belt. TNA took a final break.

Hogan took the stick and really pushed RVD. Hogan said RVd would take TNA all the way to the top. Hogan also popped for Sabu. Hogan said Hard Core Justice raised the bar for the whole company. Hogan said his respect level went through the roof for the Motley Crew known as E.V.2. Hogan said all the E.V.2 guys were in the back. Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Brother Ray, Brother Devon, Tony ‘Luke, Mick Foley, Rhino, Little Guido, Sabu, and Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso all came out to the ring. Hogan talked about the “band of misfits”. Hogan fave up the ring out of respect to the E.V.2 guys.

Dreaemr took the stick and paid tribute to the Guns, Beer Money and RVD for such a fantastic evening. Dreamer thanked Dixie for the great night. The crowd broke loose with a “Thank You, Dixie” chant. Dreaemr showed his love for his “brothers”. Dreamer thanked the fans for Hard Core Justice. The lights went out…but it wasn’t Sandman who showed up. Foley was ladi out. It was Ric Flair and Fourtune that showe dup and started taking people out. Raven ran down to the ring and James Storm hit him in the face with a beer bottle. Sandman came out down through the stands as Fourtune tore through the E.V.2 crew. Sandsman was sent into the barricade. Abyss rushed back to the ring and attacked RVD. Roode took a kendo stick to Sabu. Abyss and RVd fought into the crowd. Styles busted Ray open with a can lid. Desmond Wolfe was also involved. Ric Flair joined his group and congratulated them for the carnage. In the back, RVd had been beaten with naice and was bleeding severely from several places. Flair got in Dixie’s face. The Guns rushed out to help but the blood flowed freely.


The brutality continued as Matt Morgan joined the fight. ALl of the E.V.2 guys wer bleeding. Mike Tenay said RVD’s injuries were severe. They showe RVD being taken out on a stretcher. Dixie was distraught as the injuries to RVD. She sent Terry Taylor to check on RVD.

The first video piece talked about Abyss and “They”. Abyss’s background was explored. Kurt Angle felt Abyss needed psychological help. Mr. Anderson wasn’t sure if there really was a true “They”. Jeff ahardy was very upset at the “horror movie” feel of the attack. TNA suggested that Abyss is a puppet but didn’t give answers as to who was pulling the strings.

After the break, Abyss cut a creepy promo about doing what he had set out to do. Abyss felt that he had eliminated RVD, which he may well have done. “They” are happy with Abyss’ work. One of the TNA trainers said it was one of the worst injuries that he’d seen in his time in TNA. RVD appeared to have nerve damage in his arm.

Styles and Kazarian talked backstage about Dixie bringing in outsiders to take their spots. Kaz talkeda bout joinging Ric on Flair Force One to celebrate. Kaz and Styles said this was only the beginning. Devon was confused as to what happened. Devon was pressing ice on his head. Devon talked about the guys that attacked them from behind. In the back, Dreamer wanted to know what happened. Dixie was hot and was ready to make things right. She demanded that Dreamer bring the E.V.2 crew in, next week, to make things right. Dreamer was irate and threatened to make things right, their way.

Reaction switched gears and paid tribute to The Motor City Machine Guns. The Guns talked about proving themselves the best. TNA re-showed the final moments of the 2-out-of-3 tag match to end the Best of Five Series. That match got one of the highest grades that I’ve ever given. Only Undertaker v Shawn Michaels I got a perfect score. This one got a 99. It was THAT good. The Guns were the Impact Players of the Week. TNA ran down a promo piece of the Tag Champs. They are absolutely fantastic. I hope TNA never makes the mistake of splitting up this team.

Reaction came back with a look at the 5-time TNA Knockout Champion, Angelina Love. Love bragged about her championship ability. Madison Rayne talked trash about Love and swore to rip Love’s hair out. Rayne said she just had an off-night. Love talked about Rayne going from lackey to monster. Rayne talked about the interference in the match. Motorcycle Mama got attacked by Velvet Sky. The distraction led to Love’s win. Velvet said that Rayne cost her and Lacey the tag belts. Velvet said she messed with her back. Love said this went behind scripting into “real life”. Velvet agreed that this was real. Velvet talked about taking over the leadership role of The Beautiful People. Velvet said she made Rayne and would break Rayne in half. Love wasn’t sure what her relationship was with Velvet.

Backstage, Dixie was still waiting for word on RVD. Eric Bischoff was on the phone. Eric said it was a lot worse than originally thought. TNA ran a promo about E.V.2. They showed highlights from Hard Core Justice. It was a great show. There were a few missing people but it was still fantastic.

Speaking of those who were not there, I do have one small request. I got a nice note from Mikey Whipwreck on Thursday morning. I had sent him a note through his Facebook account, letting him know that my most sincere prayers are with him as he faces a medical crisis. Please join me in keeping Mikey in your most positive of thoughts (and if so inclined, prayers) as he meets with his doctors, this week, to find out what his options are. He’s a great man and deserves all our support. Thanks.

The new show wrapped up with a look at E.V.2 and the arrault on them by Fourtune and their buddies. Dreamer said E.V.2 has a new focus…Revenge! After that, TNA previewed next week’s show. Abyss said he had another victim set for next week. He wouldn’t say who it was. They left it open-ended as far as RVD’s future. The Guns were ready for a new set of challengers. The Guns would love to battle some of the E.V.2 guys. Also, what is the future for The Beautiful People? Angelina Love would defend her title, next week. Devon was ready for revenge. Devon said Fourtune made the mistake of leaving them breathing. Devon was ready to Testify. Kurt Angle said E.V.2 helped, short-term, to boost TNA. Jeff agreed with Kurt and said he would join E.V.2, if needed. Ric Flair called Beer Money and explained that they were to do things, by whatever means necessary, to get gold and drive out E.V.2.0.


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