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I didn’t know Lance Cade very well but the few times I did meet him he impressed me as a guy who really wanted to succeed in the wrestling business.

The first time I saw Lance was when I was on assignment for WOW MAGAZINE doing a photo shoot and story on the Shawn Michaels’ Wrestling Academy. I remember how focused Michaels was on Cade seemingly more-so than other students, at least while I was there. Michaels noted that he felt this guy would go on to become a star in the business if he kept learning at the pace he was at that time. He also mentioned that Cade listened to a critique and did not take it harshly — but would learn from it.

I found him to be just a nice guy with a great smile who had a vision that he was not able to attain just yet.

It’s so sad that we have lost another young wrestler who had so much promise.

Our sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and family.

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