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It was time to send another Rookie home.The votes were tallied from the WWE Universe and the Pros would cast theirs during the show. The Red Light (Dancing with the Stars analogy) would shine on one very unexpected choice. Would there be a shocker as to who went home? Depends on your view, I guess.

Before I get started, I talked, earlier, about casting my vote for who should stay. I suggested that it was one of the two Third Generation Stars. Since the voting is now closed, I can reveal I voted for Michael McGillicutty. I honestly think he has the best chance to have a solid, long-term career in the WWE. I see him as the next Randy Orton.

Ok, down to business. Matt Striker talked about the Power of the Punch. Michael Cole, wearing a Miz T-Shirt trid his luck at the Power of the Punch. Cole hit a 728. Josh Mathews nailed a 806. Cole was eliminated. Ok, not from the show, just from the silly contest.

Roll the opening montage.

The Pros and Rookies were introduced. Cole, of course, just oozed over Miz. Striker mentioned that Mark Henry was unable to be there, because Nexus injured him, Monday night. Striker announced that the season finale of season two would happen in 3 weeks. Striker put the Rookies through the Power of the Punch. The winner of this event would get an individual appearance on raw, next week. The Scores were:

Michael McGillicutty: 863

Kaval (who kicked it): 297 — he was disqualified

Percy Watson: 718

Lucky Cannon: 744

Husky Harris: 390

Alex Riley: 889

Riley won it. He said Miz was a Reality Star but he was a Star…in Reality.

Miz and John Morrison got into it, during the break, over the whole Team WWE thing. Miz wanted Morrison to ask him for help. Morrison wouldn’t do that but he would fight him to show Miz why Team WWE didn’t need him. Miz accepted.

Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty and Alex Riley v Kaval, Lucky Cannon and “Showtime” Percy Watson

Lucky ran Husky into the corne and then pounded on his bulky arm. Kaval took the tag and kicked Husky, hard. Percy then took the tag and Fireman Carried him over. Prcy with an Arm Bar. Husky dropped Percy with a Flying Crossbody. This kid sure moves well for a big guy. Alex Riley took the tag and pounded away on Percy. Riley twisted Percy’s arm . Percy with a Step-up Enziguri that flipped Riley up and over the ropes. Riley waalked around and finally got back in the ring.

The two locked up and Riley used a Side Headlock Takeover on Percy. Riley Steama Rolled Percy but Showtime came back with Arm Drags. Lucky tagged back in and Fireman Carried Riley. Riley with a brutal shot to the face but Lucky came back with a Big Boot. Riley hit the floor. Riley and Mike got into an argument on the floor. Lucky flew over the top rope and took out Riley. NXT went to break.

Mike was taking the fight to Lucky, as NXT returned. Husky tagged in and Splashed Lucky, in the corner. Riley tagged back inand hit a Reverse Suplex Drop. Riley kiked Lucky and tagged out to Mike. Mike with a rear Chin Lock. Mike whipped Lucky intot he corner but ate a boot and a Clothesline. Kaval got the tag and took the fight to Mike with a huge numer of martial arts strikes and kins. Mike reversed an Irish Whip but Kaval went for what looked to be a Muta Backspring Elbow. Instead, he kicked Riley off the ring. Nice move. Kaval with a Tilt-a-Whirl into a Dragon Sleeper Body Vise. Husky made the save. It broke down for a moment. Mike wanted his McGilliCutter but missed. Kaval with a vicious Running Dropkick that slammed Mike into the corner. Kaval with the Warrior’s Way to take the win.

Your Winners: Kaval, Lucky Cannon and Percy Watson
,P>Grade: A- (93%)

Cole sent it to a video package about Team WWE v Nexus. My e-mail has been filled with people’s opinion on who is going to take Khali’s place on Sunday. I’m down to three possibles: Miz, Triple H (making a dramatic return) or…Mr. McMahon. I really like the idea of Vince and Bret having to work together. Cole and Josh ran down the updated Summerslam card. The card is starting to strengthen up nicely. I wish WWE had another month to really build the feuds and such but I do think Summerslam is going to surprise a lot of people with how good it’s going to come off.

Miz came out for his battle against John Morrison. I really wish these two would go into a feud over the almost-deactivated U.S. Title. Miz had the belt around his waist and the Money-in-the-Bank Briefcase in his hand.

Miz v John Morrison

Non-title Match

Morrison sent Miz to the ropes. Miz ran over Morrison. Morrison used an amateur takedown but Miz powered up and to the corner. Miz with a cheap shot. Morrison slid under Miz, Arm Dragged him and then hit a Dropkick. Morrison with the Standing Moonsault. Miz with a Running Kneelift out of the Reversed Irish Whip. Miz ran Morrison intot he corner and punched and kicked away. Miz missed the Full Body Clothesline. Morrison tried for the Backslide but Miz escaped. Miz went to the floor. Morrison dropped Miz with a Corkscrew Plancha. NXT took a break.

Miz had a Rear Chin Lock cinched in. Morrison pounded teh ribs to get free. Miz slammed the back of Morrison’s head into the mat. Miz choked Morrison on the middle rope. Miz with a Running Leg Lariat that drove the throat of Morrison deeper into the rope. Miz connected with the Full Body Clothesline. Morrison kicked out at two. Miz with nasty Crossfaces and Elbow Drops, as well as a stomp. Miz went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Morrison got his chin loose to avoid the Sleeper attempt. Miz nad Morrison traded blows. Morrison with the Spin-Round Roll-up. Morrison with a Clothesline and Sky High Clothesline. Morrison with a flapjack and Kip Up. Morrison with the Chuck Kick to Miz’s skull. Miz kicked out, just in time. Miz missed teh Knee Trembler but Miz hit a Big Boot. Miz with the Field Goal to Morrison’s ribs. Morrison with a pair of Savate Kicks from the apron. Morrison wanted Starship Pain but missed. Morrison missed with an Enziguri. He tweaked his ankle when he struck the turnbuckle. Miz finished off Morrison with the Skull-Crushing Finale.

Your Winner: The Miz

Grade: A- (91%)

The time had arrived to send someone home. After a lot of milking of TV time, including asking everyone who they thought should go home, the poll was announced:

1. Kaval

2. Michael McGilicutty (my choice)

3. Percy Watson

4. Husky Harris

5. Alex Riley

6. Lucky Cannon — Eliminated

Lucky took the stick and showed a tiny bit of fire as he trash talked his competition. He then switched gears and thanked all the fans. He even tried shaking hands with all the guys he’d just dissed. Most of them took it well and did (even Alex Riley). Striker then asked Alex Riley if he thought the fans had disconnected from him because of his attitude. Riley didn’t care about catering to the fans. Riley grumbled about how he had dropped 2 spots. Striker came back on to wrap things up and mention that two of the five would go home, next week. The polls are open, again. I’ve already casted my vote. Did I vote the same, or did I choose someone else?


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