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The Nu-Wrestling Evolution is preparing its escalation in Europe. Fresh from the strong tv coverage on the Spanish network LA SEXTA, the NWE has its sights set on another two important European Countries and negotiations are in progress for the screening of its tv series. Arrangements are underway for the spectacular event being held on the 25th June in Barcelona, whose Main Event will be the comeback of the Ultimate Warrior after a ten year absence from the ring. Besides the multitude of American stars already named as Kishi, Orlando Jordan, John Heidenreich,Vito, Black Pearl, Chris Mordesky, plus Mexican heroes such as NWE Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera and the legendary Japanese wrestler Ultimo Dragon, other international names taking part in the show include Vampire Warrior and Raven.

The ECW and WWE ROB VAN DAM will also be joining the NWE roster and will take part in the first half of the summer tour. More new dates have been confirmed in Spain and the list of events is available on the federation’s official website: www.nwewrestling.net.

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