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After “The Ultimate Test” explosion on May 3rd, both the Global Wrestling Alliance & Wrestling And Respect have crossed the line of no return. People are wanting to see what is in store next time. The buzz surrounding these events is at a all time high with fans standing in line since 3:30pm. The UAW Hall was jammed packed for “The Ultimate Test”.

Now the next installment of the GWA / WAR battle will be June 28th at the UAW Hall in Lima, Ohio. This will be “Fan Appreciation Night ” aka ” Free For All” with every one getting in FREE! !! You must have a ticket to enter building. NO Exceptions . Tickets will be available starting May 31st at Rigali’s Pizza Village.

Come see the aftermath of the new GWA Commissioner having the WAR owner arrested and also firing him in the process. Come see if “Metal Head” Steve Stone can get his stolen belt back from Dusty Dillinger. Will the Old School Empire take their angry out on the rookies once again and make them pay their dues in the world of pro wrestling? Will Dusty Dillinger want revenge and take it out on someone from WAR?

All these questions will be answered and more on Saturday Night, June 28th in Lima, Ohio at the UAW Hall on Bellefontaine Ave. So now is your chance to come and see what the hype is all about and what better way than FREE!!!

We highly suggest you get your tickets fast as only 800 tickets will be given away. Once they are gone, it will be $10 to get in at the door.

Anyone wanting tickets from out of town, can email gwa_booker@yahoo.com and ask for them to be sent to you. There will be a limit on the number of tickets given out at one time.

www.promotingohiowrestling.com for more details.

Talent & Match-Ups will be coming in the next few weeks .

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