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The Global Wrestling Alliance & Wrestling And Respect proudly presents “The Ultimate Test” on Saturday Night, May 3rd. in Lima,Ohio at the UAW Hall at 1440 Bellefontaine Ave.

The intensity level between the Global Wrestling Alliance and W.A.R. Wrestling went to a whole new level when the GWA promoter, Dusty Dillinger “declared” himself the W.A.R. Wrestling Champion on the March 8th event. This did not set well with “Metal Head” Steve Stone or “Bad Attitude” Brian Beech. As Steve Stone was the last recognized champion of W.A.R. Wrestling and never lost the belt.

So now on May 3rd, W.A.R. Wrestling is bringing in former WWE Superstar Andrew “Test” Martin to go one on one with Dusty Dillinger in another GWA vs W.A.R. match up. Dusty Dillinger also has went on record and said he plans on announcing a new GWA commissioner and is also bringing in a “GWA enforcer” to watch his back and protect the champion.

All tickets are just $10 advanced at Rigali’s Pizza Village or at the door. Family Pack Special: 4 tickets for $30. Advance Only.

Doors Open 6:30pm / Belltime 7:30pm

Full & Complete Card:

Match #1

“Mr. Ego” Cody Hawk & “Sexy” Sean Casey w/ Samantha -vs- Ganger & Onyx

Match #2

Sherman Tank -vs- Robby Starr

Match #3 Rookie Killer Match

Mr. Main Event -vs- Ben Brody

Match #4 No Limits Division

Ryan Midnite -vs- Kid Hybrid -vs- Jeff Brooks -vs- ?????

Match #5

“Jihad” Mustafa Saied -vs- Stamp Lickage w/ The Postmaster

Match #6

Brandon Blaze -vs- “Bad Attitude” Brian Beech

***Semi-Main Event***

Hardcore Craig -vs- “Metal Head” Steve Stone


Dusty Dillinger -vs- Former WWE Superstar Andrew “Test” Martin

Plus: “Hot Commodity” Matt Mason, “Old Timer” Jeff King, Mr.Old School w/ Ripper Blackhart, Ring Announcer Slick Rick

Plus Much Much More!!!!

***Card Subject to Change***


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