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Authorities conducted a press conference this afternoon regarding the deaths of Chris, Nancy, and Daniel Benoit. Here are highlights from the press conference:

  • Authorities have ruled the deaths were a result of a murder suicide.
  • No suicide note was found
  • Test results indicate that Chris Benoit killed his wife Nancy “sometime on Friday” and his son Daniel “sometime on Saturday”. Test results show that Chris Benoit killed himself sometime “later on Saturday”.
  • A bible was found placed next to the bodies of Nancy and Daniel.
  • Nancy was found in a family room upstairs. Daniel was found in his bed.
  • Chris was found hanging in the weight room in the basement.
  • Authorities found “a lot” of prescription drugs at the scene, including anabolic steroids.
  • Authorities are aware of only one prior arrest for Chris Benoit, for DUI.
  • Scott Ballard, the District Attorney handling the case, said he termed the killings “bizarre” because of the timing of the deaths and that he remained in the house for some period of time after killing Nancy and Daniel.
  • Ballard said, “I’m baffled why anybody would kill a 7 year old baby.
  • Nancy was bound on her feet and wrists and wrapped in a towel.
  • Text messages received by friends were received several hours after they were sent, perhaps explaining reports that messages were sent during the day on Sunday.

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