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At last night’s Survivor Series, The Funking Conservatory’s Lita faced The Funking Conservatory’s Mickie James for the Women’s Championship, Lita being the Champion.

Credit Steve Gerwik www.gerweck.net

Women’s Title Match: Mickie James vs. Lita. A fan has a “Marry Me Lita” sign in the front row. Fans started the “she’s a crack whore” chant. Lita is wearing a Luchadors top. Fans chanted “She’s got herpes.” James kicked out after a Litacanrana. James wins via a DDT at 8:19 to win the Women’s title. After the match, Lita asked Lilian to have the fans to cheer for Lita. They didn’t pop, so she grabbed the mic and put down the fans. Outcomes Cryme Time with the box of goodies, as Lita protested. Shad said tonight they are going to have a “ho-sale.” Cryme Time started selling Lita’s stuff to the fans. They found a “monostat” container in the goodies box. JBL smelled one of Lita’s pair of panties and bought it for $100. They sold Lita’s best friend (vibrator) for $25. They sold Lita’s box last as Lita said this is the reason she is leaving, she gets no respect.

From the Funking Conservatory Team, we congratulate Lita on a steller career in professional wrestling. We also congratulate Mickie James on winning the WWE Women’s Championship and wish her continued success.

We have a photo review of Lita and Mickie James on our website at www.dory-funk.com.

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